Wednesday, July 22, 2009

For my darling…

Helllllloooo Stampers!!


I’ve had one of THOSE weeks.  You know the ones… “STOP THE WORLD.  I WANT TO GET OFF” weeks.  Started on Monday having my tooth pulled out – long story – and went downhill from there, ending last night with me falling asleep on the couch at 9pm during a great movie, with Brad Pitt, Matt Damon & George Clooney in it… I mean, HOW could I possibly fall asleep with the eye candy on t.v???  (Not that I don’t have my very own eye candy right here in my house….).  After a fabulous weekend playing squash and having no children all weekend, this week has been quite a shock.  So, last night I decided that “tomorrow couldn’t possibly be any worse.  Right!?” and it hasn’t been.  I took myself off up town, did the groceries, a couple of jobs, and bought a pair of shoes.  YIPPEE!  Nothing like retail therapy, ESPECIALLY shoe therapy to make yourself feel better, and there are lots of SALES in the shoe shops, including a 50% off EVERYTHING sale in one of my favourite shoe shops in town.   So, now I’m home, cooking a Pork Roast for dinner that will convince my DH that' I’m a Domestic Goddess (honestly, it really doesn’t take much!!), and finally blogging!   I’ve had this box half made for a couple of days now, and finally bought some more lollies (‘cos I ate the last ones in one of my moments of desperation) and finished it this afternoon.  I have made this for my Darling Husband (DH – aka Said) as he’s been so fabulous over the past couple of days, including listening to a good friend of mine sobbing on the phone and not freaking out and throwing me the phone; Coming home from work last night and saying “Off you go – I’ll finish doing the dinner.  You go and relax!” – WOW!  WHAT A MAN!    Everything seems so much better when you have a supportive ear listening and backing you, (and right now my grateful thanks go out to the “others” who have been incredibly supportive & encouraging to me.. you know who you are! – does this sound like an Oscar acceptance speech??).  

ANYWAY….   this little cube is one of the “mini” projects I have done over on WE Stamp this week.   I have made up a template to print directly onto your cardstock so it’s super easy.   To join up all you have to do is CLICK HERE and then hit the “join WE Stamp” button.  You will then have access to all of our fabulous 8 projects, templates & ideas so far, and be delighted each day until the 4th of August with new projects.  OK.  So.  Are you sick of me talking yet??  LOL – I’m making up for lost time.   I already have something else to blog for tomorrow, so I’ll see you all then!

Have a great night.


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Tee-Jay said...

Love the little box Michelle, good on you for eating the first lot and if Said is really a sweetie he will share this lot with you as well!