Sunday, August 31, 2008

Spring is only one more sleep - AND BLOG CANDY!

Yep - my favourite day (apart from Christmas & my birthday) is only one more sleep!   I LOVE SPRING - it holds all the promise of the beautiful weather to come, and the end of a long winter.  I remember being overwhelmed at our first cold snap this winter, and being quite upset that it was only the start, and we had three whole months of winter to come, but here we are at the end of it all, and I'm really really excited!   Today was just a perfect Spring day, and we made the most of it with the boys at the BMX track.  DH was more worried about the boys racing and trying to jump than I was - that's surprising!



Just look at my very ingenious son.  I asked him to take the rubbish out this week, and looked out the window to see this!  That's using you brain huh!  Our drive is longish, so I guess this looked like an opportunity to have some fun as well huh?  I didn't think he would be able to get up the hill with the full rubbish bin on the back, but he did!   What a kid!
















Now, you remember how I promised blog candy??   Well, here it is!   Seeing as Spring starts tomorrow, I decided that it was only fair to offer the Spring Solitude Bundle.  Now - here's all you have to do to go into the draw to win this fabulous LEVEL 2 HOSTESS SET :  Leave a comment ON THIS POST - not on the sidebar, but only on this post.  You can only enter the draw once via comment, BUT - here's the opportunity for you to get loads more entries....   If you forward the link to my blog to all your friends, and get them to also leave a comment on this post, AND they tell me that you referred them there, then I'll enter you a second, and third, and fourth time... you get it??!!   Of course, your friend will also get entered!   Easy!   Now, you have until Saturday 20th September to post a comment, and get all your friends to as well.  Sorry ladies - this is only available to NZ residents.

Have a great night




Thursday, August 28, 2008

As promised - the swaps!



Toni Bell








Cherie Ward










  Trudi Hopkinson











  Helen McEwen









Aren't they all fabulous!?  Here are just four of the swaps - I don't want to overwhelm you with all of them at once of course, so I'll post another four tomorrow!  LOL - isn't that mean, but believe me - they are worth waiting for.

Well done to all of the wonderful M&M's who took part in the swap - you've really outdone yourselves.

Update on sick children...  Well, today I have THREE (yes 3) children at home.   OK, so not all of them are mine, but two of them are!   Mason looked like he was going to school - even asked if he was allowed to go.  YAY.  Then at 8.00am he just fell apart again.  Poor kid.  He's sleeping now, along with Parker, my nephew.   And the other one who's home  is Riley.  Think I may have had the wool pulled over my eyes a little there, as he's NOT sleeping, and seems pretty well to me, but after having him sent home from school last Friday, I didn't want a repeat of that today, so kept him home.

Here's looking forward to tomorrow, and all boys at school - hopefully!   There's just one thing that has made me keep my smile today - Megan & Sharlene came over here (thanks so much for changing the venue to suit me!) and we made two very very cool 3D items.  If you are wanting to see these, then you'll have to phone me and book a class.  Honestly - one of them is soooooo me, you just wouldn't believe it!  Can you guess what we might have made?

Oh, and I know it's been a while since we hit the 10,000 mark on my blog (in fact, we've just hit 11,000!), and I haven't forgotten about the promised blog candy for all you faithful visitors, and now I have decided what it will be, and will post those details hopefully later tonight once the boys are all sorted out!

Have a great afternoon


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just a giggle!

PREGNANCY  Q & A  &  more!
Q:  Should I have a baby after 35?
A:  No, 35 children is enough.

Q:  I'm two months pregnant now. When will my baby  move?
A:  With any luck, right after he finishes college. 

Q:  What is the most reliable method to determine a baby's  sex?
A:  Childbirth.

Q:  My wife is five months pregnant and so moody that sometimes she's  borderline irrational.
A:  So what's your question?

Q:  When is the best time to get an epidural?    
A:  Right after you find out you're pregnant.   

Q:  Is there anything I should avoid while recovering from childbirth?  
A:  Yes, pregnancy.

Q:  Our baby was born last week. When will my wife begin to feel and act  normal again?
A:  When the kids are in college.

Ok ladies - hope this gave you all a laugh - I really needed one, as Mason seems to go from one virus to another - I'm hanging out for him to be well again!  Thanks Trudi for the email that gave me a few minutes giggling!


You've just GOT to go to Kim's BLOG and check out her absolutely fantastic card she made for our swaps today.   Her photo is fabulous, and the card just blew me away!   Thanks Kim - I'm so glad to have you as part of our wonderful team!  Next month we have been challenged to make a man's/boy's card, so that's going to be interesting as well!

More RAK's!

Yes, another very kind & caring friend has sent a card - this time to my son Mason, who's been struggling over the past few days with a virus.  Rel made this card for Mason, and dropped it off to us today, and it just made Mason's day!   He was so delighted that someone would make him a card.  Thanks!!   Rel - this kindness is absolutely YOU!

P8270274   I have the most amazing cards to share with you from our M&M's swap this morning!   WOW - the girls really outdid themselves, and I must admit I felt a little "inadequate" with my simple card.   Thanks girls - you are fabulous!!  BUT, it is once again dark, and too late to photograph them and really do them justice, so I will wait until tomorrow and try to sneak some time to photograph them then.  Watch this space!

Have a great evening - wasn't it wonderful tonight - the sun didn't go down until nearly 6pm.   Daylight saving is only one month away today!   WOOOHOOOO!  I LOVE SUMMER!   Tonight was a little glimpse of what's to come, and I can't wait!


I'll have some exciting cards to post later today

Yes, today we have our M&M's monthly meeting and swaps, which I always look forward to.   I come away so inspired by what everyone else is doing, and the cards they have made.  It's kind of a lot of pressure to come up with something really cool, so I decided to not give in to the pressure, and instead made something super simple, that hopefully we can enjoy making easily.  Does that sound like a good idea???  LOL.   Well, that's my story anyway!   Hi to Trudi, who is missing our meeting today because she has Baylee off sick.  Shame Trudi - hope your day is great anyway, and you have some time to do stamping!

Here's my card - it was inspired by a card I saw on Jayne Mercer's blog a while back.  I think I was really attracted to the simplicity of the card.  Sometimes, my favourite cards are the simplest ones.

P8260272  RECIPE : Stamps : Bloomin' With Beauty.  Cardstock/Ink : Chocolate Chip, Close to Cocoa, Pretty in Pink, Whisper White.  Accessories : Scallop Punch, 3/4" & 1" punch, Pretty in Pink Taffeta Ribbon, Berry Bliss DSP.

Have a great morning!


Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's something!

Good evening!   Yes, I KNOW - It's Sunday, and I should be posting a scrapbooking page, but alas, my mojo has joined Kim's on holiday somewhere.  No inspiration to scrap I'm afraid, so a card it will be.  AND, I'm not that fussed about this card, but at least it's something huh?! P8240273 (2)   

RECIPE : Spring Solitude Bundle (Hostess), En Francois, All Year Cheer 1 (retired).  Colours : Soft Sky, Groovy Guava, Basic Black, Whisper White.  Accessories : Versarmark, Clear EP, Groovy Guava double stitched ribbon.

Thank you to all of you lovely people who have checked up on us since my moaning about my boys being sick - you are just so sweet!   Riley amazingly bounced back within hours (must have been all that POPPA TIME he had) but last night Mason crashed into tears and temperatures, which have continued today.  Ho Hum - here we go again...   No, really, they are great when they aren't well, I'm very lucky.  It's lovely to have them be so cuddly.  We have a teacher only day tomorrow anyway, so a nice excuse to stay home and play some games with them.

Hope you have all had a great weekend.


Friday, August 22, 2008

OK, so what have I done to deserve such lovely friends??

Yep - another RAK!!   I'm completely blown away today, as I get real mail in amongst the bills!   Cherie has made this card which is absolutely GORGEOUS and posted it to me simply because she is so sweet, and kind!   Isn't it beautiful??!   I really am stunned by the emotions that I get when I receive a card in the mail - to think that someone thought of me yesterday or the day before and made me a card, then posted it to me is really really special - the most fantastic way to make me feel appreciated and loved, for sure!   My love language is acts of service - I feel most loved when someone DOES something for me, so someone making me something is well up there in my books!!   Fortunately for me, my DH knows my love language, and knows by bringing me in coffee before he goes to work in the morning just makes me purrrrrr !    OK, enough of the soppy stuff - here's Cherie's fabulous card:


  Cherie - you're a wonderful friend!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!











What a week - since last Friday, I've had Blake home with a suspected broken foot (not, thankfully), then Riley to the Dentist to have a crown put on his tooth, then Blake home with Asthma on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday, then a sore throat myself on Thursday & Friday, and now a phone call from school  to say Riley is walking around very pale holding a bucket!!   Unbelievable!   I was on my way to take a Toolbox Parenting course at Bell Block when I got the call from school this morning, so the SOS went out, and my WONDERFUL Dad was at home, and happy to go and collect Riley and keep him 'til I had finished.  Once again - blessed by family!  So, you see that Cherie's card came just at the right time.   Here's hoping for a normal week next week huh??!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Another RAK

As I was cleaning up today (yes, DH, I DO HOUSEWORK sometimes!) I saw this card from Laureen that she made for us before we went to Australia on holiday.  I have not wanted to take it down from the windowsill, as I've really loved it.  Laureen is another customer & friend who is just so sweet - what a lovely thing to give.  This card is beautiful, and is now being put with my "memories" - the things I can't bear to throw away, and I use for inspiration and ideas in the future.   I thought that by putting this card onto my blog I get to share it with all of you as well!  HI Laureen - hope you're having a fantastic day, and thank you for this RAK (Random Act of Kindness) - it's very special!

P8170315  P8170316

See you later!


Stamp-A-Stack cards tonight

Good morning!   Here's one of the cards we are making at Stamp-A-Stack tonight.  Feel free to come along!


RECIPE : Stampsets - Seaworthy, Cheesecloth, Circle of Friendship.  Cardstock/Ink - Confetti Cream, Blue Bayou, Basic Black.  Accessories - 1 1/4" & 1 3/8" circle punches, gel pen, mat pack, dimensionals.

Have a great Monday - our Mountain looks amazing!  I'll try to get a good pic of it and post it later.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

A RAK from Tracey


Yep - I GOT REAL MAIL!!   How very cool is this card from Tracey Jackson??!     Tracey is one of the very talented Stampin' Up Demos in Hawera, and her blog (click on her name above) is AMAZING!  Tracey - this card is just so cool, and ME to a T!   Shopping... Shoes... AND a donkey to carry my parcels.  That's my idea of a perfect day!

What a sweetie - Tracey sent this card to me "just because" - that puts me to shame, as I often think of sending cards to people, but rarely do it!   Tracey - you've made my week!   So go stop by Tracey's blog and see what her other creations are like - you won't regret it!

Have a great Saturday -


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tower (or stepper) Box

Good evening.  Well, it's better late than never huh?!  Sorry, I've been on a mission this afternoon to get all my accounts reconciled so I can get them to the accountant by Friday, and it's taking longer than expected.  WHY don't I do them as I receive them, rather than leaving them all to do at once!?   I'll learn from this experience, as I'm OVER bank statements, and I've still got a way to go!   So, enough of my moaning - we had Stamp Club this morning, and this is what we made :



It was fun to make, and not too difficult.  I can just imagine this as a gift for a little girl, filled with hair ties, clips & maybe even a little lipstick!  Shame I don't have girls.  Guess I'll have to fill it with chocolate - or hide my spare change in it so it doesn't "disappear".     I made this a couple of weeks ago with my Sister & Megan, at our inaugural monthly get together to learn some cool new things.  I really enjoyed it, so decided to share it with lots of you!  HERE is the link for the wonderful tutorial provided by Terri.   Remember, the Designer Paper is only $13.95 a pack, so great value, and perfect for making treasures such as this box!

Have a great night - I'll be back!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I've found it!!

Yep - I told the girls today that I wouldn't be going to bed 'til I found my battery charger, as it's driving me CRAZY not being able to upload any photos.  I have just found it.  Now, I'm watching the little red light on the charger, wondering how long it actually takes to charge a battery.  Might be a while.  Not sure I can stay up that long, so you may just have to wait another day for some more photos - SORRY!   On a good note - Sibylle is GREAT at sharing!   YUM.  I've decided that after a squash game, nothing tastes better than a crunchie bar!   Delish!   Thanks Sibylle - you're the best!

Well - if by a miracle this thing charges in the next hour, then I'll post something tonight, otherwise it will be tomorrow afternoon.    Have a great night


Saturday, August 9, 2008

We Have A WINNER.....

Yes - thanks for all the comments posted today - our winner, which was chosen by a random number generator is......  Sibylle.   Sibylle, congrats!   I'll be bringing this Box in A Bag on Tuesday when we play squash, filled with licorice my favourite goodies!   Maybe we can even share them... !  As promised, now that we have hit 10+ comments, here is the link to the simple tutorial for you all to make one of these at home.  Have a go, and email me a picture of it - I'd LOVE to see all your ideas.   Diana Gibbs is the very clever lady who gave the tutorial, so just click on her name, and it will take you straight to her blog & instructions.  Thanks Diana - I really enjoyed this project.

I WOULD have a picture to share with you all tonight, but unfortunately, my camera battery went flat this afternoon when I went to take the photo, and seeing as I have re-organised my office with my sister pushing through all the mess and forcing me to continue when all seemed lost....  I can no longer find my battery charger!   At least when it was messy, I knew everything was pretty much on the desk along with everything else.  Now, I have NO IDEA where the charger is, so until I find it - no photos!   Sorry!

Have a great night


We've hit 10000!

Unbelievable!   10000 hits on this blog.  That's just soooo cool.  Thanks to you all for checking here all the time (even when I don't post for two weeks occasionally).  Your comments are really very special, and I love reading them all, and having a giggle!   I'm just thinking of what I'm going to give away for some blog candy to celebrate this milestone.  I'll have a bit of a think, and let you know when I decide.   

One more comment on the Box in a Bag post and I'll pick a winner for that as well.   Very cool how you have all been motivated by EDIBLE GOODIES!  You're just like me!

I have cut back my classes just a little, as attendance has been quite down on what we usually have, so am presuming (with the exception of Jacqui!) that you aren't so keen to come out at night to stamp, but am more than happy to come to your place and take a workshop for you and your firends, and will increase classes again as demand increases, as I'm sure it will!  I am also more than happy to bring a class to your home - you decide what you would like to learn at the class,  get a group of friends (minimum 6) together  and I'll come along and teach you - easy!  Cost will depend on the type of class.

Have a great day - lovely to see some sun here in Taranaki, even tho' it's really cold as well.


Friday, August 8, 2008

Still waiting for more comments...

Okay - here's the deal -  only one of your comments count for the freebie Box in a Bag, but I will RANDOMLY draw one of the first ten commenters??! (not necessarily the 1oth) to win the prize!   That's better huh?!   Good luck, and get commenting!

Cherie - hope your day is going better than yesterday!  I'm off to the dentist again with Riley to have a cracked filling replaced before he gets a stainless steel crown on his tooth!   He's only 6 - how in the world can he have to have a crown??   I'm just grateful that we don't actually have to pay for this!   We're really lucky with that in NZ huh?

Enjoy the rain - I'll be back soon to post classes!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

To scrap or not to scrap!

Hello again!   Three posts...  I am really making up for lost time!

After thinking about classes for this month, (that I will be posting by Friday...)  I thought I'd ask you what YOU want.  If you would like to vote on what types of classes interest you most, then that would be a huge help to me in planning my classes.


Congratulations to Candace who won the $35 Hostess Rewards at tonight's class, and to Julie who won the "Oh So Lovely" Hostess set.   Great to have you all along ladies.   Hope you enjoy your bags.

Happy Birthday Nana

I've just made a card for my wonderful Nana (who turned 93 today).   Happy Birthday Nana!   I was supposed to have this card delivered to my Mum & Dad who have gone up to visit Nana today but shamefully, I forgot all about it last night!  I know!   No excuse.  Anyway - this is a case from "Less Is More" at Splitcoast Stampers.  I loved the simplicity of this card - and the beauty of Stipple Rose.  Just like my Nana - simply beautiful, inside & out.   Nana is one of those ladies who you hope you will be like when you get old -  She is graceful & elegant, the boys love her, and she is very good to us all.    We miss having her close enough to stop by for a visit.    



RECIPE : Stampsets : Stipple Rose, Occasional Greetings.  Ink/Cardstock : Groovy Guava,  Bordering Blue, Whisper White.  Accessories : Double Stitched Guava Ribbon, 1 1/4" square punch.   

I stamped the white cardstock with soft sky, then groovy guava, then punched out nine squares, and mixed them up to put them on the card.


WOW - two posts in one day.  That's impressive huh?!

Mini Catalogue Launch Tonight

Hello!   Tonight we are having a little catalogue launch for the new mini.  I was going to just demonstrate how to make the Box in a Bag, but seeing as I've got such a lovely group of ladies coming along, I decided that we would all make one of them!   They are easy peasy, and with the new Summer Picnic Designer Paper, they look stunning. 

I'll be posting on my blog & sending out via email my classes for August by Friday, so keep your eyes open for those. 


Recipe : Punches, punches & more punches!   And Designer Paper!    If you would like the link to the simple tutorial for these cool bags, then make sure you let me know - comment on this post, and the 10th person to leave a comment will win this box in a bag, filled with edibles!    If we don't get to 10, then I guess I'll have to eat all the goodies myself huh??   Gee, that would be a change, wouldn't it!   Sorry, but pick up only for the prize winner, due to the delicate nature of the prize.  Don't think it would survive NZ Post.

Have a fantastic day - I'm loving being able to get my washing OUTSIDE for a change.  Oh, and yesterday, my baby boy had his second tooth pulled out by the dental nurse (with an injection & pliers!! Gulp!).  He is very impressed that he has now caught up with his big brother - two teeth missing.  Riley was very pleased that the Tooth Fairy left him money in his little tooth box, and this was the conversation after visiting the dental nurse

"Mum, I think the Tooth Fairy is the dental nurse"

"Really Riley - do you think she comes into your room at night and takes your tooth from under your pillow?"

"Yes - she looks tired!"

Well, that's logic for you.   Then from the mouth of this wise little old man at the dinner table last night

"Oh Blake - you're getting big.  You're going to be a Dad soon.  Then you'll have hairy armpits."

You can just imagine where the conversation went on from there.   Boys!   Guess we don't watch t.v for our entertainment any more huh?

Look forward to hearing from you all soon.


Monday, August 4, 2008

My baby...

As if I needed any more proof that my baby (6 yrs) is growing up before my very eyes!  I had Mason home sick today with the end of temperatures and sore throat, so a quiet day at home.  I was phoned by school to tell me that Riley had a very sore tooth, and couldn't eat anything - could I please come and pick him up???!!   WHY is it that when your son has a raging temperature, you are NOT phoned, but when he has a wiggly tooth, you ARE??   LOL.  Anyway, I collected  him (was too scared not to go when asked by the principal!) and proceeded to extract the wiggly tooth myself.  Riley was SOOO brave - his first tooth.  At 6.  Both Mason & Blake were much later losing their first teeth - in fact, Mason has only lost two teeth so far, and he is 8. 





And, of course my post wouldn't be complete without a photo of a very SICK looking Mason right after he had told Riley that "there's no tooth fairy Riley - it's just Mum & Dad"!   Boy!   That didn't stop Mason from going to get his tooth fairy treasure chest so that Riley could use it to put his tooth in so it doesn't get lost under his pillow tonight - unfortunately, our tooth fairy sometimes has trouble finding little teeth  under pillows when they visit in the middle of the night...






And last, but not least - a card!  This is cased, and {shame} I can NOT find the original post.  It is possibly off Splitcoast Stampers, and I made it last week when I was having a real BLAH week.  Not at all creative, so I cased this card, and just added the sentiment on ribbon.  Something different anyway!  I'm sure the original looked much better as well.  When I do find it - I'll post the link to the original for you!













RECIPE : Stamp Sets : En Francois, Oh So Lovely (Hostess Set), Occasional Greetings.  Cardstock/Ink : Creamy Caramel, Ruby Red, Wild Wasabi, Very Vanilla.  Accessories : Double Stitched Wasabi Ribbon, White Grosgrain Ribbon, Large & Small Oval Punches, Hodge Podge Hardware, Watercolour crayons & Blender Pen.

Have a great night.


Saturday, August 2, 2008


Yes - I KNOW!  So sorry for my absence.  Thank you to all of you who have noticed!   The last two weeks have just been kinda odd - I've been very tired & not feeling like doing any stamping or blogging.  I know - Very Odd!   But, I feel like I'm getting back to normal, and hoping to get back onto regular blogging again.  Thanks for checking back.

Here's a couple of cards from Stamp-A-Stack class last week (actually, I DID stamp - just found it hard work!)


RECIPE : Stampsets : Baroque Motifs, Heartfelt Thanks, Occasional Greetings.  Ink/Cardstock : Soft Sky, Blue Bayou, Basic Black, Basic Gray, Very Vanilla.  Accessories : Gray Taffeta Ribbon, Large & Small Oval Punches, 1 1/4" square punch


RECIPE : Stampsets : Fast & Fun Notes.  Ink/Cardstock : Very Vanilla, So Saffron DSP, Certainly Celery, Watercolour Paper, Stazon Black Ink.  Accessories : Slit Punch (for scallops), Vanilla Grosgrain Ribbon, Aqua Painter & W/Colour crayons for colouring.


Well, that's ONE entry for the week anyway.  See you back here again soon!