Sunday, August 31, 2008

Spring is only one more sleep - AND BLOG CANDY!

Yep - my favourite day (apart from Christmas & my birthday) is only one more sleep!   I LOVE SPRING - it holds all the promise of the beautiful weather to come, and the end of a long winter.  I remember being overwhelmed at our first cold snap this winter, and being quite upset that it was only the start, and we had three whole months of winter to come, but here we are at the end of it all, and I'm really really excited!   Today was just a perfect Spring day, and we made the most of it with the boys at the BMX track.  DH was more worried about the boys racing and trying to jump than I was - that's surprising!



Just look at my very ingenious son.  I asked him to take the rubbish out this week, and looked out the window to see this!  That's using you brain huh!  Our drive is longish, so I guess this looked like an opportunity to have some fun as well huh?  I didn't think he would be able to get up the hill with the full rubbish bin on the back, but he did!   What a kid!
















Now, you remember how I promised blog candy??   Well, here it is!   Seeing as Spring starts tomorrow, I decided that it was only fair to offer the Spring Solitude Bundle.  Now - here's all you have to do to go into the draw to win this fabulous LEVEL 2 HOSTESS SET :  Leave a comment ON THIS POST - not on the sidebar, but only on this post.  You can only enter the draw once via comment, BUT - here's the opportunity for you to get loads more entries....   If you forward the link to my blog to all your friends, and get them to also leave a comment on this post, AND they tell me that you referred them there, then I'll enter you a second, and third, and fourth time... you get it??!!   Of course, your friend will also get entered!   Easy!   Now, you have until Saturday 20th September to post a comment, and get all your friends to as well.  Sorry ladies - this is only available to NZ residents.

Have a great night





Lisa Green said...

Oooooooh! Memememememe! I am so desperate for this bundle, do you think I've had a workshop big enough for me to be able to get my hands on this set...obviously not!
I'll be crossing my fingers, toes and eyes, until then....
Thanks for your Blogging regularity and range of ides, I am checking the NZSU blog everyday, sometimes more than once a day, and love visiting your page often, viva la Michele!
Kindest regards, Lisa G.

Louise, that's me!! said...

You are Kind! I would so be keeping it!lol.
Great pics too, and I agree, roll on SPRING!

Whimsey said...

Brilliant kid! :D

~Michele, SBS10

Gadget Girl (Jacqui J) said...

Wow how could I refuse? What a great offer... I had such a great time at your Techniques class on Saturday. You are so very talented and I am ever so pleased with the 8 different cards we made using 8 different techiques. Wow, wow, wow.
I feel very sorry for those who did not book in for this class as they really missed something great!

Angela Corbett said...

Hi, count me in. Would love that bundle. HOpe you are doing okay. Talk soon. Angela

Anonymous said...

Wow candy... yummy and that set is so pretty. Love looking at your blog and check it each day to see what you and your family are up to and glad the boys are well again. Thanks again for the wonderful mini techniques class, it was fantastic and great new ideas to try. Isn't it wonderful to finally have Spring here and so glad Winter has gone... thanks for your friendship, it is a treasure. Rel

Sibylle said...

Yes, please, pick meeeeee!!! Love this set.
BTW, your blog really inspired me the other day, I made a box in a bag (or whatever the right name for that thing is :-) ) for a very creative friend of mine, and I made the tower stack box thingi for our nanny as a farewell gift, she absolutely loved it (and so did I) - thanks for sharing these great ideas with us!

Julie B said...

Count me in. I really enjoyed the techniques class the other day and have already sent out one of the cards!

Tarsha said...

Hey there

Not sure if i made it in time for your blog candy.

Mason sure used his brain. Imagine how fast he could come down the driveway with it Empty.