Friday, August 22, 2008

OK, so what have I done to deserve such lovely friends??

Yep - another RAK!!   I'm completely blown away today, as I get real mail in amongst the bills!   Cherie has made this card which is absolutely GORGEOUS and posted it to me simply because she is so sweet, and kind!   Isn't it beautiful??!   I really am stunned by the emotions that I get when I receive a card in the mail - to think that someone thought of me yesterday or the day before and made me a card, then posted it to me is really really special - the most fantastic way to make me feel appreciated and loved, for sure!   My love language is acts of service - I feel most loved when someone DOES something for me, so someone making me something is well up there in my books!!   Fortunately for me, my DH knows my love language, and knows by bringing me in coffee before he goes to work in the morning just makes me purrrrrr !    OK, enough of the soppy stuff - here's Cherie's fabulous card:


  Cherie - you're a wonderful friend!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!











What a week - since last Friday, I've had Blake home with a suspected broken foot (not, thankfully), then Riley to the Dentist to have a crown put on his tooth, then Blake home with Asthma on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday, then a sore throat myself on Thursday & Friday, and now a phone call from school  to say Riley is walking around very pale holding a bucket!!   Unbelievable!   I was on my way to take a Toolbox Parenting course at Bell Block when I got the call from school this morning, so the SOS went out, and my WONDERFUL Dad was at home, and happy to go and collect Riley and keep him 'til I had finished.  Once again - blessed by family!  So, you see that Cherie's card came just at the right time.   Here's hoping for a normal week next week huh??!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.



Trudi said...

It's because you're such a wonderful upline!!! Have a great weekend.

Latisha said...

Oh I hope your children ease up a little on Mom >"< I agree getting a card in the mail is the best!