Wednesday, August 6, 2008

To scrap or not to scrap!

Hello again!   Three posts...  I am really making up for lost time!

After thinking about classes for this month, (that I will be posting by Friday...)  I thought I'd ask you what YOU want.  If you would like to vote on what types of classes interest you most, then that would be a huge help to me in planning my classes.


Congratulations to Candace who won the $35 Hostess Rewards at tonight's class, and to Julie who won the "Oh So Lovely" Hostess set.   Great to have you all along ladies.   Hope you enjoy your bags.


lotto 649 winning numbers said...

Sorry if I commented your blog, but you have a nice idea.

INKcredible Girl said...

does it count if i vote? looking forward to tuesday!

Sara Frawley said...

Gee Michelle, you have been busy! I love the pics of your boys... and that gift box on the post before this one.. too cute! I'll have to try that! Have a great day!