Saturday, August 9, 2008

We've hit 10000!

Unbelievable!   10000 hits on this blog.  That's just soooo cool.  Thanks to you all for checking here all the time (even when I don't post for two weeks occasionally).  Your comments are really very special, and I love reading them all, and having a giggle!   I'm just thinking of what I'm going to give away for some blog candy to celebrate this milestone.  I'll have a bit of a think, and let you know when I decide.   

One more comment on the Box in a Bag post and I'll pick a winner for that as well.   Very cool how you have all been motivated by EDIBLE GOODIES!  You're just like me!

I have cut back my classes just a little, as attendance has been quite down on what we usually have, so am presuming (with the exception of Jacqui!) that you aren't so keen to come out at night to stamp, but am more than happy to come to your place and take a workshop for you and your firends, and will increase classes again as demand increases, as I'm sure it will!  I am also more than happy to bring a class to your home - you decide what you would like to learn at the class,  get a group of friends (minimum 6) together  and I'll come along and teach you - easy!  Cost will depend on the type of class.

Have a great day - lovely to see some sun here in Taranaki, even tho' it's really cold as well.


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