Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mini Catalogue Launch Tonight

Hello!   Tonight we are having a little catalogue launch for the new mini.  I was going to just demonstrate how to make the Box in a Bag, but seeing as I've got such a lovely group of ladies coming along, I decided that we would all make one of them!   They are easy peasy, and with the new Summer Picnic Designer Paper, they look stunning. 

I'll be posting on my blog & sending out via email my classes for August by Friday, so keep your eyes open for those. 


Recipe : Punches, punches & more punches!   And Designer Paper!    If you would like the link to the simple tutorial for these cool bags, then make sure you let me know - comment on this post, and the 10th person to leave a comment will win this box in a bag, filled with edibles!    If we don't get to 10, then I guess I'll have to eat all the goodies myself huh??   Gee, that would be a change, wouldn't it!   Sorry, but pick up only for the prize winner, due to the delicate nature of the prize.  Don't think it would survive NZ Post.

Have a fantastic day - I'm loving being able to get my washing OUTSIDE for a change.  Oh, and yesterday, my baby boy had his second tooth pulled out by the dental nurse (with an injection & pliers!! Gulp!).  He is very impressed that he has now caught up with his big brother - two teeth missing.  Riley was very pleased that the Tooth Fairy left him money in his little tooth box, and this was the conversation after visiting the dental nurse

"Mum, I think the Tooth Fairy is the dental nurse"

"Really Riley - do you think she comes into your room at night and takes your tooth from under your pillow?"

"Yes - she looks tired!"

Well, that's logic for you.   Then from the mouth of this wise little old man at the dinner table last night

"Oh Blake - you're getting big.  You're going to be a Dad soon.  Then you'll have hairy armpits."

You can just imagine where the conversation went on from there.   Boys!   Guess we don't watch t.v for our entertainment any more huh?

Look forward to hearing from you all soon.



Trudi said...

Does it count if I leave 10 comments???

INKcredible Girl said...

no trudi i want the cool bag and i want to pick it up i reackon i would get a cuppa tea as well!! Michelle it is really pretty! Hey did you see i blogged!!!

INKcredible Girl said...

ok so this is post three only seven more to go.......

chloe said...

hey great candy! You have a gorgeous blog!!

Lisa Green said...

I SOOOO want the recipe for this baggie (winning it would be cool too:)- - I am having my first real Workshop, it's in my home,but I don't have many friends, associates family etc. and have dropped flyers, even dropped my guard and my nervousness and asked everyone I can think of, I have only pulled in 8 people to this workshop, and am hoping like crazy I get at least 2 bookings!!!
Annnyway, this would be a supercool 3D item to demo, and then fill with stuff and use as a doorprize prize!
Kindest regards, Lisa G.

Sibylle said...

Absolutely gorgeous bag, Michelle, and as long as you didn't fill it with licorice (yuk!), I would really love to win it :-)

Anonymous said...

I love that bag! Thanks for your offer to share it with someone.


Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,
Love the bag and would love to win it. I would have no problem with coming to pick it up!!!
Great to see you back blogging again. Have missed your amazing posts.

grant said...

Love the box. Cherie showed me one this morning she made for our boys as a thank you for the rugby coach. Can't wait to have a go at making my own. Tania

Sharon said...

Cool little bag Michelle. You know I love this sort of stuff. Oh, yeah, I like ALL the stuff! Keen to learn how to make this one some day soon.

Angela Corbett said...

Hi Michelle. I love this bag in a box. I made it last night as a hostess gift for my workshop and everyone loved it. I am also going to make it at my workshops this week as well. I am going to make it with the summer picnic dsp so cant wait. take care