Saturday, August 9, 2008

We Have A WINNER.....

Yes - thanks for all the comments posted today - our winner, which was chosen by a random number generator is......  Sibylle.   Sibylle, congrats!   I'll be bringing this Box in A Bag on Tuesday when we play squash, filled with licorice my favourite goodies!   Maybe we can even share them... !  As promised, now that we have hit 10+ comments, here is the link to the simple tutorial for you all to make one of these at home.  Have a go, and email me a picture of it - I'd LOVE to see all your ideas.   Diana Gibbs is the very clever lady who gave the tutorial, so just click on her name, and it will take you straight to her blog & instructions.  Thanks Diana - I really enjoyed this project.

I WOULD have a picture to share with you all tonight, but unfortunately, my camera battery went flat this afternoon when I went to take the photo, and seeing as I have re-organised my office with my sister pushing through all the mess and forcing me to continue when all seemed lost....  I can no longer find my battery charger!   At least when it was messy, I knew everything was pretty much on the desk along with everything else.  Now, I have NO IDEA where the charger is, so until I find it - no photos!   Sorry!

Have a great night


1 comment:

Sibylle said...

This is sooooo cooooool, I usually never ever win anything!!! Looking forward to sharing the goodies with you on Tuesday