Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I've found it!!

Yep - I told the girls today that I wouldn't be going to bed 'til I found my battery charger, as it's driving me CRAZY not being able to upload any photos.  I have just found it.  Now, I'm watching the little red light on the charger, wondering how long it actually takes to charge a battery.  Might be a while.  Not sure I can stay up that long, so you may just have to wait another day for some more photos - SORRY!   On a good note - Sibylle is GREAT at sharing!   YUM.  I've decided that after a squash game, nothing tastes better than a crunchie bar!   Delish!   Thanks Sibylle - you're the best!

Well - if by a miracle this thing charges in the next hour, then I'll post something tonight, otherwise it will be tomorrow afternoon.    Have a great night



Louise, that's me!! said...

Wish it would hurry up and charge! I am missing your beautiful creations!

Sibylle said...

I'm only good at sharing with YOU though, no one else has been allowed to touch my goodies as yet - he he! Love the bag! Thanks again!