Friday, August 8, 2008

Still waiting for more comments...

Okay - here's the deal -  only one of your comments count for the freebie Box in a Bag, but I will RANDOMLY draw one of the first ten commenters??! (not necessarily the 1oth) to win the prize!   That's better huh?!   Good luck, and get commenting!

Cherie - hope your day is going better than yesterday!  I'm off to the dentist again with Riley to have a cracked filling replaced before he gets a stainless steel crown on his tooth!   He's only 6 - how in the world can he have to have a crown??   I'm just grateful that we don't actually have to pay for this!   We're really lucky with that in NZ huh?

Enjoy the rain - I'll be back soon to post classes!

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scfranson said...

You have a wonderful, inspiring blog.