Monday, August 18, 2008

Another RAK

As I was cleaning up today (yes, DH, I DO HOUSEWORK sometimes!) I saw this card from Laureen that she made for us before we went to Australia on holiday.  I have not wanted to take it down from the windowsill, as I've really loved it.  Laureen is another customer & friend who is just so sweet - what a lovely thing to give.  This card is beautiful, and is now being put with my "memories" - the things I can't bear to throw away, and I use for inspiration and ideas in the future.   I thought that by putting this card onto my blog I get to share it with all of you as well!  HI Laureen - hope you're having a fantastic day, and thank you for this RAK (Random Act of Kindness) - it's very special!

P8170315  P8170316

See you later!



Chris said...

raks are always good, especially when it looks this good!!!

Latisha said...

so pretty, love the basic grey paper!