Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Creative Kids Class Tomorrow

Good morning!  

It’s so great that it’s warmed up a little again – it’s been absolutely FREEZING here for a few days.  It seems that Spring has run, and Winter is nearly coming back again!   Stink – school holidays are more fun when you can be out and about doing things!  Anyway, if you children are a little bored, then bring (or send) them along to my Creative Kids class tomorrow.  I have two sessions – the first is from 10am-12noon, and the second is from 1pm-3pm.  Children can come to both or one of the sessions.  If they are coming to both, then they are welcome to stay with me for the lunch break as well.

If children are staying by themselves, then I would suggest age 7 and up, or if you would like to come and stay with them and help them with the projects, then I’m happy to take any school age child.

Here is one of the projects we made last week.  It was a fun project to do, and even the adults all took templates to make one at home!  I have to thank CHERIE, my fabulous friend, who  made one of these for me last Christmas, and I managed to gently pull it apart and take a template from it to make.  Thanks so much Cherie – you’re just wonderul!!

Kids Class Oct 09

Each session we make different projects, and usually we make at least 3 projects per session, depending on difficulty! 

Give me a call or email if you would like your child to come along.

Have a great day!


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