Saturday, September 12, 2009

WE Stamp Wednesday Sketch Challenge #6

Hi everyone!   I know it’s not Wednesday, so I’m either very early, or very late for the WE Stamp Wednesday challenge … you know that it’s the latter, right??  Never mind – I’ve done it, and I must admit that this sketch has been a real favourite of mine.  This is what I created today while the rain was pouring down.

Sketch #6

WS Wed Sketch #6

Feel free to take part – you don’t need to be a member of WE Stamp, you can just play along for fun!   Our next round of WE Stamp begins on Tuesday 15th September – wooohooo!!   It seems like a long time since it finished, and I’m really looking forward to sharing some more projects with you.  So for less that NZ$1 per day, you will get 21 ideas and projects to motivate and inspire you.  This time around we will be looking at some gift ideas for Christmas, so you can get all sorted before the mad rush begins in December!

I’ve just got to show you what my darling middle son (only a MIDDLE child would do this, right??!) did last week.  The boys were all told to go clean their rooms up, and Mason’s room is always a mess.  He tries on too many clothes, then doesn’t put them away, and always finds lots of things to do rather than tidy up.  Last weekend though I thought I’d made a breakthrough when he lasted for 30 minutes in his room – WOW!   I looked outside for a moment, only to see this…

Mason's room tidying!

followed by this…


Little monkey – he was having a ball sunbathing outside while everyone else tidied up!   Today, I took the bull by the horns, and got two boxes, filled them up with everything that wasn’t put away, and told him he has until bedtime tonight to put them all away, otherwise I’ll take the two boxes full of stuff for the garage sale.  I think it made a little bit of impact, but time will tell.

Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend

Happy Stamping!



Leigh said...

I've always liked this set Michelle and your card is lovely.
Yep, my son's room looks like that too and no, I don't know the solution. Perhaps yours might work.

Anonymous said...

lol, now that is hilarious! Kids, who'd have em.

Jacqui J Creative Today said...

I really like your cardw Michelle, very stunning.... Aren't your kids the cutest, rather clever to get out of the cleaning though!

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle
Just popping in to say a big hello! I just LOVE your card, it's gorgeous. Isn't it funny how kids never complain about the mess being created but suddenly are out of energy when it comes to tidying it all up! It is comforting to see that yours are still in training like most!
Love and hugs, Ngaire

Jo said...

Lovely card, Michelle - the colours and image are beautiful. And I love the photo of your son - sounds typical!! ;) Jo