Sunday, July 13, 2008


Sharon has kindly sent me the information on a great Fiskars giveway.  Visit HERE  and leave a comment about where you are from, and leave my name as the person who referred you, and who knows, we might both win a prize.   Speaking of prizes, I've simply got to share the story from last week that my darling son got me into...  I was in the shower, when Mason raced and banged on the door, yelling "You've got to get out of the shower Mum, you're going to be on the radio!".   "NO MASON!".   "Yes Mum - they are waiting for you on the phone" (pushes phone through the door).

"Hello...,."    "Hello.  Is this Mummy?"   "Yes".   "Were you in the shower?"   "Yes".  "Are you dressed now"   "No."    "OK, we'll make it fast then. We are going to play a little game called Whose Line is it Anyway. Do you know how to play?"   "No".....  "OK, we're going to play a little snippet from an ABBA song, and you are going to finish off the line.  OK?"  "No... - please tell me I don't have to sing it!".   "No"   "OK, that's not so bad then".   At this stage, I figured, well, I know quite a few ABBA songs, so I've got a reasonable chance to win whatever it is that I'm going in the draw for.  The ABBA song was played, and I had NO IDEA what the rest of the words were.  So, the lovely man & lady at the anonymous radio station played the line for me, told me to listen carefully, and then they would re-record me saying the correct answer!!  Unbelievable!   They said that they had only put one other person in the draw, and they needed a winner!   LOL.   So, I was re-recorded giving the correct answer, and sounding very clever, and won a Nivea Gift Pack, and went in the draw to win a cruise around the Mediterranean.  Nice.  Needless to say, I didn't win, and gave the big talk to my son NOT to phone up for me any more, especially when I'm in the shower!  HOW EMBARRASSING.  

Enjoy your evening.

Thanks Sharon!!

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