Wednesday, July 2, 2008

July Stamp Club

Good afternoon!  Hope you have all managed to stay dry today - it's thundering here at the moment.  FANTASTIC to be inside by the fire.  As promised, here is the project we made this morning at Stamp Club.  I was sooo impressed by all of the ladies today - everyone had such great ideas for their Explosion Books (aka Scrapbook in a Box), and every one of the boxes looked amazing!   Glad you all had fun with it.  Great job!

Stamp Club July 001     Stamp Club July 003


Stamp Club July 004










Stamp Club July 006 

Stamp Club July 005

Aren't these boxes just the cutest thing??   I'll post the instructions on here soon - just let me catch up on a few things I have to do first.  LOL.  Like there will ever NOT be a few things to catch up on! 

Have a fabulous day



Trudi said...

I finished mine! I've nominated you for an award on my blog. Hope you had a good day.

Chris said...

this is great!! i love it!!

Latisha said...

these are so fun to make
wonderful project!

Vickilyn said...

Love the box! I would love to see instructions!!

you had posted on my blog about the box in the bag - I'd love to see a photo of yours!!