Thursday, July 10, 2008


I haven't forgotten about you all - I've just been a little busy.  We had fun (well, some of the time it was fun - NOT when we discovered our lights had been left on and we had a flat battery when we went to go home!) up the Mountain today, so I'm just posting you a couple of pics of the boys playing in the snow this afternoon.  I'll have a little project to post after my Inglewood High School class tomorrow, but don't want to spoil the fun for the girls who come along.

Snow Day July 08 004 Snow Day July 08 027 

Our wonderful Mountain!                  Blake lines me up for a snowball...

 Snow Day July 08 030 Snow Day July 08 033

And it's all laughter at first - then the tears, as the snowball down the back hits home.

  Snow Day July 08 037Snow Day July 08 036

Drama Queen!!    And the appropriately remorseful guilty party!

What a day.   I should be asleep, but am trying to get on top of my TO DO list!

Ha!   Have a great day



Edited to add: This was typed last night, but my wonderful computer wouldn't post it!  

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