Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Catalogues have arrived!!

Meat and new catalgoue 004Oh my goodness - this has been THE most eventful day!  First courier arrived at 6.30am, but this wasn't my catalogues.  Next courier arrived at 8.00am, With SIX boxes of Stampin' Up! products & catalogues.  WOW - I went into my very sleepy husband jumping around and yelling "my catalogues are here, my catalogues are here", while he went - "Is that exciting??"   DUH!!!!      Then, while I was rushing to get children out the door to school so I could sit down in peace and read my new catalogue, eldest son comes in and tells me that our freezer that was full of meat has defrosted and is running across the garage floor. Hmmmm.  So after cleaning up that mess, and trying to sort this all out with the insurance company,  I didn't get around to even opening my catalogue until 9.45am.  BOY!   It is so very cool!!   If you want to secure your copy, you will need to hurry, as I've only got 20 catalogues for sale, and it will be a couple more weeks until I have more.   

Enjoy your day!


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Lisa said...

Enjoy the new catty. There's a lot of goodness in there. Lisa SBS10