Tuesday, October 28, 2008

If only.....


OK, so I've enjoyed a giggle or two - keep watching this space, as I've got more to show you, including my FAVOURITE!!  In fact, I've GOT to show you my favourite now - I can't wait!


!!    Now, I've got to share a story from Saturday with you all - you all know that I LOVE shoes, right??  Well, we went out to the bach to visit Mum & Dad on Saturday, and played cricket and all sorts, and when we were leaving, I had dirty feet from running around on the field, so I asked my DH to pick up my shoes as he walked out the door, as I had my arms full of food, and all sorts of other stuff.   We stopped to do some shopping on the way home, and when I asked "honey, where did you put my shoes?" I was met with the blank stare that tells you that he has forgotten!  Here I was with dirty bare feet, that I was hoping to hide in a pair of socks & shoes, and wanting to do some shopping.  My DH - full credit to him - replies without  hesitation "Don't worry about that.  We'll just stop and buy you a new pair!"   WOW.  That earned him infinite brownie points, I can tell you!   LOL.  Anyway - enjoy!


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JOAN said...

LOL!! A very inteligent man.