Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So this morning when I didn’t want to get out of bed… I should have taken that as a divine sign that I should STAY in bed!  Last night it all started when my darling son dropped his fathers WHOLE plate of spaghetti bolognase on the floor.  SPLAT.   Not a good look, when it splatters all up the cupboards (that are white!) and right across the floor.   Don’t tell my DH, as I can no longer find the plate that we shoved it all back into, and have a funny feeling that he may have eaten the dropped food when he got home last night…   oops!   That was ok.   This morning, I found a dead hedgehog on our driveway when I was walking the dog home from school.  Disgusting!  So, I got it into a box, and put it out of the way, along with the other evidence we have that we have a dog running around on our property… Nice!   Then I looked at the dog and remembered that she had a dirty brown mark on her neck last night.  You guessed it – she rolled in above mammal, and the smell was.. was you can just imagine!   SOOOO, in the absence of my DH who would usually do the real dirty work, I washed the dog, ignoring the stench coming from her as I washed, and reminding myself that I was yet to have a lovely hot shower and the smell would be gone soon enough.   So, then I was on a roll, and washed the windows, and the car – woohoo!   That’s amazing for me, and it was only 10.00, and the surprises were not over for the morning.   I went to be organised and get the meat out for dinner, to discover that our freezer door had been left open a little, and had frosted over…  fortunately, the chicken that I was about to have for dinner was the only thing apart from the bread that was a little defrosted, but now I had to clean out the old freezer that we use for a beer fridge, then put the meat out of the big freezer into there  - squishing everything into very small spaces… then start to defrost the big freezer so I could clean that out and get the stuff back in.   Charming!  The morning continued, with me discovering that my darling child (the same one who had spilt the plate of food last night) had indeed cleaned up his bedroom – right into the laundry basket.   Apart from one item, everything else looked very very familiar – that would be because I had only washed and folded it all yesterday, and the little imp decided that it was easier to throw back into the wash rather than put away!  BOYS!!!!   So, I now have a huge washing basket full of his clothes to fold up himself and put away tonight.  That should discourage him from a repeat of this little idea for a while at least!!   So, needless to say, I’m onto my third coffee, and second gin this morning~!!   (Just kidding about the gin!)  OK, so I’ve got that off my chest, and now I have some more calendar pages to show you!











This was one of Cherie’s pages – gorgeous colours, and a page easily done for male or female.   Thanks Cherie – this is just great!












And this page was done by Toni – my favourite stamp set at the moment, so means that of course, I LOVE this page as well!   The words from this set are so good!   Thanks Toni – you’ve done such a fabulous job with this page!


Oh, and the date…   1st JULY!   You will want to be checking back here on the 1st of July to see what it is that has kept me from blogging so often recently – I’ve been so busy working on my project, and have been slightly delayed in telling you all about it.. but I promise – it will be worth the wait!    Without giving away too much more today… keep your eyes open!

Catch you later – I’m off for a squash game to get rid of some of my frustration (see above for source of frustration!)



Jacqui J Creative Today said...

Oh dear, and here I thought I was having a bad day when I got to work yesterday, 8am, took off my sneakers got my shoes out of my back pack and discovered that one was red and the other black!

I was hoping to see the photos of either the dinner on the floor or the hedgehog - I imagine they looked very similar! LOL

Karen R said...

Glad you can laugh about it all now - sounds very productive even if the wrong sort of productivity - take care

Anonymous said...

Hi, You bought back so many memories when you mentioned about how your particular darling son tidied his room, I had one who did that constantly too. I would go up there and be so proud of how he had tidied it, then only to find like you a very full to overflowing washing basket with clean clothes!!!! Very good idea of getting him to fold it, am sure that will put him off doing it each if ever he repeats it again.
Sorry your day was one incident after another... you deserve some shopping time... perhaps some new shoes to spoil yourself after all your hard work... Take care Rel