Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Living with PASSION!

Good evening!   I’ve had a fabulous few days, with some classes that have been very cool.  Thanks mainly to the lovely ladies who have come along I must admit!   Tonight I had my second technique class for the week, and thanks to JACQUI'S wonderful idea, have come up with a slightly amended version of one of the cards.

This was the card I created to teach the bleaching technique – very simple, yet a great way to use your stamps with something most of us have in our laundry.  No special equipment needed, just make sure you clean your stamps well straight after using bleach on them.     I’ve just taken a photo of the “after” card, but the lighting is just shocking, so I’ll have to do that tomorrow for you!


Have a go – just pour a little regular household bleach into a shallow container with a folded handi-towel on the bottom.  Make sure the handi-towel is soaked through but not drenched.  You don’t want puddles of bleach on the bottom.  Then stamp your desired stamp into the handi-towel as you would a stamp pad.   Check no drips are going to fall off on your card… (see above for what it looks like if you DON’T check!) and stamp directly onto your card.   Hey Presto – how easy is that!    First up - I must say my dentist is an absolute darling, and I highly recommend her, but today was just a one of THOSE days where not much went right to start with.   A word of advice… bleach is not so much fun to play with if you have it squirted into your mouth (diluted of course) just as you are inhaling.  My second trip to the dentist today resulted in a little drama with bleach choking me when I inhaled at the wrong time… NOT a pleasant visit today I’m afraid.  Bleach, pain AND a numb tongue that stopped me from enjoying my muffin at lunchtime.  NOT good at all!   Guess it can only get better from here huh?   Until I get the bill at the end that is.   Ho hum.  The fun things we get to spend our money on.   Just imagine how many pairs of shoes I could buy for the same price as a root canal… imagine!   NO,  I’m not even going there.  I won’t sleep tonight otherwise.  Shoes are over-rated.  Right??  

Thanks for hanging around!

Have a fabulous night.


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