Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nothing over $20 again at Bendon - ‘til Monday

OK, so that got your attention huh??   The Bendon factory shop has a fabulous sale on at Mega Valley.  There’s NOTHING over $20, and heaps & heaps of stock, including some really gorgeous new stuff!  Check it out.  Although, the thought of trying on lingerie in this FREEZING weather is almost enough to make you cry.    ANYWAY…  I’ve been flat out this week – great, but busy.  We had our last School class yesterday, and we made a simple version of the Scrapbook-in-a-purse (or scrapbook-in-a-wallet for the boys), but I forgot to take photos.  They all did an amazing job.  This is a gorgeous card that the lovely Wendy made (at Cherie's class) and got all the kids to sign for me.  SOOOOO sweet – thank you Wendy!!


And on Friday night we had our first Scrapbooking Midnight Madness crop.  It was fabulous – with some yummy yummy food brought along by the ladies, so chocolate, fudge, chips & dip added to scrapbooking makes for a wonderful night!  Here is one of the double layouts we did – super simple to start off, and plenty of room to bling it up.



Now I need to put some photos on the pages.   Sometime.  Soon.   Don’t forget I have some spaces still available for the Technique Class on both Tuesday morning (10am), or Wednesday night (7pm).  Come and learn some new techniques for your cardmaking.  

Enjoy your night, and stay warm!


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