Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Hi there everyone! I’ve had an interesting couple of days since I last posted, saying that Mason was home sick – we ended up at the Doctor’s twice on Monday, and were sent to hospital. Hmmm. Urgent calls to my darling Mum & Dad who took the other two boys bowling with them until my DH came home, then a race to get up to the hospital before it got too dark & cold. Not an experience that I’d like to repeat too often. The nurses and doctors were amazing – really great, but the sleeping arrangements SUCK! 10 people in one room, separated by curtains, and half of those people are sick – doesn’t make for a night of peaceful, uninterrupted sleep! Being woken every hour by the nurse doing checks & giving meds to Mason was like a form of torture, and nearly did my head in – BUT… he’s home now, and hopefully going to sleep well tonight, in spite of the amount of steroids pumped into him over the last 36 hours that have him bouncing off the walls!

Mason in Hospital May 09

Here’s a (very yellow) photo of a very sick (???) little boy last night when he was admitted to the ward, and was full of meds which I’m sure included laughing gas, as he got the giggles!

Sooo… I’ve had no time for stamping, but plenty of time for planning, and I’ve come up with a great offer to help me, help you! My big box of retired stamp sets cause me grief – where can I store them until I sell them, and it’s going to take me ages to put them onto trade me, sooo here’s the deal – ANYONE who places an order with me from the current catalogue (including the current Scrapbooking Specials) OVER $100 can choose one of my retired stamp sets for FREE – up to $40.00, as listed on my retired list HERE. If you place an order OVER $200, or sign up to get the amazing Scrapbooking Starter Kit deal for just $175.00 this month, then you can choose either any TWO stamp sets, up to the value of $40.00 each, or any one stamp set of any value plus any wheel.

I hope you can help me out by giving a good home to some of my sets. I’ll keep the list updated as they sell, so it’s a first-come basis only. This offer is valid until 15th June, or until my sets run out!

Well, lots still to do before tomorrow’s stamp club so I’d better get moving.

Have a great night – hope you’re staying warm where you are!



Campin and Stampin said...

Hi Michelle, sorry to hear about Mason, hopefully he is feeling a bit better and you can get some sleep. I know how it is with the whole change of seasons and asthma thing, except I have only been on the being in hospital side not the parent side, not so many years ago. Winter sucks huh..... I will bring chocolate on Thursday (purely for energy of course)

Lisa said...

Oh yuck, we've done asthma/croup hospital stays a few times over the years, and I'm so glad they've all grown out of it now ... I hope he's all better now, and you can get a real nights sleep.

angelacorbett said...

Oh, poor Mason and poor you! That would be my biggest nightmare. I hope you get to catch up on some sleep and stay sane.
Take care and we will talk soon.


Claire said...

Sorry to hear your little one isn't well Michelle :) Hope he's fighting fit again soon. Loved catching up with you in Canberra!

Keesh said...

OH not a nice experience at all Michelle! I hope your little man makes a good recovery (and you too of course!)Love keesh x