Monday, May 18, 2009

Upsy Daisy Thank You

A super quick card, which is what I just LOVE about Upsy Daisy – the cards can be sooo simple yet look really cool.  This is a thank you I made for a lovely lady who gives me a giggle often, and is soooo incredibly patient, even tho’ we’ve never met.   Thank You to you – you’ll know who you are when you get my card!


Gotta fly – I’m rushing out for a quick game of squash in 30 minutes, and I don’t have more than the idea of dinner in my head, and my DH will be home in 20 minutes, and I’d better be looking like I’m organised… hope I can pull it off!  We have a big team meeting here tonight, so I think I’d better get someone to vacuum as well…  or maybe we can just have dim lighting?? LOl!

Have a great night


p.s  wasn’t Gray’s & Private Practice FABULOUS??!!  Can’t wait for next week!


Jacqui J Creative Today said...

WOW love this card Michelle, what a clever idea spotlighting the daisys in a different colour - stands out beautifully..... so pleased I have ordered this set and the class you ran was really super! I had forgotten how much I love going to your classes even if it was a scary reminder of how often I put my foot in my mouth! And how blonde I can be...

kareNstampZ said...

Love it & going to case it when I get the set as it's stunning

Gloria said...

Beautiful card Michelle!!! Love what you did to make it pop. Great job.