Thursday, May 21, 2009

M&M’s Swaps

Good evening!  I’ve no new stamping of mine to show you today, but I have got some fabulous cards from our Team Meeting yesterday.  As I told you, our challenge was to use a different fold or technique in our cards, and this is what everyone came up with :OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



















Cherie’s                                    Helen’s

Cool huh??!   I’ve been busy fighting  a toothache.  The toothache won last night, and my DH phoned the dentist (again) and begged them to see me today!   Isn’t he so sweet!!   I wasn’t in much of a fun mood last night – toothaches affect your ears, then your face feels like someone has punched you…  The receptionist said when I walked in today “most people don’t look this happy when they come to the dentist!”.  I was so grateful they fitted me in, and my tooth is certainly feeling better than it was, but there’s a root canal to come in 10 days.  Hmmm.    As you can see, I’m busy working on BUY NOW buttons for my kits – these are particularly useful for overseas buyers – NZ buyers are still welcome to post a cheque, or pay via internet banking.

Remember last week when I said that I’ve got some really exciting plans to tell you about?  Well, I haven’t forgotten them, and in fact they are also why I’ve been a little busy.  The time is getting very close now when I can reveal it all to you – just a little more to do on that particular project.   I can tell you that I’m VERY excited!!

Have a great night, and thanks for looking!



Trudi said...

Ouch! Can't say I know how you feel, never even had a filling. The swaps look fabulous, I need to get my AintoG and finish mine off. Hope you're feeling better today.
BTW - Panadiene & Neurofen work really well together.

Campin and Stampin said...

Great cards from your meeting - cant wait to hear your exciting news. Hope your tooth is better, i bet the cold weather isn't helping.