Friday, May 8, 2009


Hello!  I’m sitting here like a little fat pudding – we took our son & 8 other kids out to dinner tonight for his birthday (which is on Sunday, but we're celebrating tonight), and I ate WAY to much.   What a surprise, right??  What is it about an “all you can eat buffet” that makes you want to eat all you possibly can fit in without actually bursting??  Hmm – some kind of inbuilt thing – I think I’m just like a Labrador Dog, who apparently is the only dog that does not have a “full – stop eating” mechanism, and will just eat until they are sick.  I don’t quite go that far, but I sure do test that theory sometimes – shocking!  It was yum though – especially all that seafood.  Mmmmmmm.   ANYWAY… back to why I’m here – I’m delighted to let you all know that I am able to offer you kits for some of the fabulous projects we have done recently, including the  purse that I presented at convention.   I’ll be adding new kits along the way, but for now, you can purchase any one kit for $15.00, or two kits for $25.00, including P&P anywhere in NZ.   All kits will be pre-cut, and instructions will be provided by email with a PDF including pictures to help you create a masterpiece at home!     Photos for my other kits will have to wait until I can remake the projects in current DSP, but they include a Carousel Notes scrapbook (picture shown in old DSP colours – will be different), and a Valentines Box (as shown at convention – excluding the chocolates!) which I will also upload after the weekend.  For now, here’s the first one!

Urban Garden Purse (as shown)


Carousel Notes Mini Scrapbook (will be re-created using current DSP & stamps – check next week for a new pic!)












   Have a wonderful weekend!


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Jacqui J Creative Today said...

What a great idea Michelle! You are so very clever.... I'm keen on the scrapbook thingie but always tempted with a deal so I am deciding whether I want one kit or the other one too for only an extra $10... tough decision.... I will let you know when I come to upsy daisy class next thursday night...