Monday, May 11, 2009

Stamp Club this month

Good morning – I hope you are warm & cosy where you are – it’s absolutely freezing & miserable here, which means a wonderful day to stamp & stay inside – YAY!   I have Mason home sick with asthma, which always seems to be worst in the middle of the night, so we’ve been to the Dr to get that sorted, and now he’s happy playing with a new toy, so I’m getting myself organised for Stamp Club tomorrow & Wednesday.   One of my favourite (in fact, possibly my very favourite) card from convention swaps was done by the delightful Rebecca Trip.  Rebecca is incredibly talented, and so lovely, and her swap was just stunning – so much so that I’m going to use it for one of the projects this week at Stamp Club.













Designed by Rebecca Trip



Thanks so much Rebecca – this card is just adorable!   Back to the planning now.  Have a great day!


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StampingSeasons said...

Im with you... I hate winter, Bee gets asthma and a croupy sounding cough that pretty much stays for the whole of winter!!! And hubby is a all year round asthmatic