Monday, April 28, 2008

Finally... A photo from convention!

IMG_6020 copy

OK - so it's taken me a while to find one, but here it is - proof that we did more than just shop while in Australia!   From left : Trish, Beth (from Tauranga), Marise, Emma (NZ Country Manager), Me, Megan, Sharlene, Sharlene (from Wellington). This was the night of the awards dinner - it really was great to get all dressed up, and go out for an adult dinner, with no children asking "Is there pudding if we eat all our dinner"?, and "Muuuum, what's THIS??"  A great evening.  In fact - a really great couple of days at convention.  I'd really love to take some of my team with me next year.  Have a think about it - it's very, very possible to be up on stage and get an award.  Just start planning now.   And yes, we were all laughing because the woman who was taking our photo said something very funny!



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