Friday, April 25, 2008


Baby Card Swap 001Good evening Kim!!   This one's for you - just so you don't get bored looking at the same posts each time you check if I've updated my blog yet....  LOL.  Thanks for your enthusiasm - you are so easy to impress, especially when you are just so talented yourself.   Looking forward to helping you fill up your blog soon!

Now, M&M's - DON'T LOOK.  Our group is (as yet still unofficially, as someone is taking a while to process our group name application) called M&M's - something that a very clever girl came up with on a long ride home from Palmerston North one night.  It stands for Michelle's Mob.  Very clever.  Anyway, we have an M&M's meeting on Wednesday, and we are swapping Baby Girl cards, which was Isabel's choice for this month.  I KNOW - It's not 'til Wednesday, and I've already done it.   Don't quite know how that happened.  Maybe because I'm only about 2 challenges behind for my SBS Group.  They are all up to the end of challenge number 3, and I haven't even done 1, so this card fits for both categories.  That's why I'm early.   I had to use a set that I hadn't used before, which was easy, 'cos I haven't used All in the Family before (which I really am loving!), and also Everyday Flexible Phrases hasn't even been mounted  8-((  and the Headline Alphabet has been used once.   Shocking!   I'm a disgrace to the Stamping Women out there I know.  But I think I've redeemed myself - kinda!    Sorry - when I was half way through the BABY stamping (with the StampAMaJig) I had a terrible thought -  RETIRED??  Yes, the alphabet is retired.  Sorry Ladies (who aren't even supposed to be looking yet), I stopped right there, and did the rest with the new Lovely Letter Alphabet, which I had originally made the first card with, but DH made the comment when I asked him if he liked my card (which I'm really proud of) that "Hmmm, don't you think it would be better with bigger letters, or an outline on the letters, or bolder colours?".   WHY, OH WHY do I bother asking the cardmaking expert that I live with such questions?   I'm happy, so that should be enough.  Right??   Think it's a WOMAN thing - we need confirmation from another person that we've done a good job.  So, IS it alright, before I bare my creative soul to my very creative and talented downline on Wednesday, I NEED TO KNOW!!

Goodnight Kim (you weren't supposed to be still reading!).  All the best for tomorrow.  Thinking of you, and this is just the beginning...!

Take care



stampingmommy said...

M&M's - that so cute Michelle!! Anyways - I love the card and the colors!! DH's - what do they know!
Heather (SBS)

Trudi said...

Sorry - I looked. Very cute Michelle, whiche reminds me I think I've still got two more cards to make for the swap. I'm working Sat, Sun & Mon but off for the rest of the week if you want to catch up for coffee sometime.
Have a good weekend.

Whimsey said...

Too cute; I love the baby image!!! And I love the name 'M&M's'; very clever!!!

Michele SBS10