Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My son makes me proud!

blake 002Hello!  My eldest son has just made a card to give to my Mum, because Mum & Dad looked after our boys while we went to Australia for 10 days recently.  He has done such a great job, and had a fantastic time at "Nan & Poppa's" house that I'm sure we could go for a 10 day holiday every month!   (Don't worry Mum, I'm JUST KIDDING).

The stamp set he used was Fast & Fun notes, which we were given at convention.  Not a set I would have ever brought myself, but once we started to use it, man, it's FANTASTIC!!  Covers so many occasions in one set.  Definitely great value for money, and one I'd recommend.  We will be using this set a little bit in the Watercolouring Class coming up on 31st May.  Be warned - this class is nearly full already, so be quick if you are thinking of coming along.    Have a great Saturday - I'm all sorted (apart from the food...) for tonight's class, which is a Mother's Day/Father's Day/Man's Card combination!   Nothing like being prepared early huh?  I will post a couple of those cards for you tomorrow.     Off to drop my son off to a disco now - sounds like so much fun!   Think I'll be coming home to do some baking for tonight.  Blake made some Russian Fudge this morning, and kinda burnt it a little, but you know, I can't stop going and having one little piece, then one more.  Must stop it, or I'll never get through tonight when the sugar high wears off!   Take care


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louise said...

Hi Michelle. Congrats on your award at conference!
Thanks for your comments on my blog. I think it's nice to get and give comments, it shows you appreciate the effort and time that goes into making these little works from the heart. Have a fab day, can't wait to see what you do with fun & fast notes, I too am a little hohum on that one.