Saturday, December 13, 2008

Last class for 2008


That's right - don't look if you don't want to see something that we are making on our last class on Thursday night...  Today I held my last class for the year at home - a Christmas Gift Class.  I really enjoyed it.  Great women to stamp with, lots of CHOCOLATE, and the weather was PC130035just perfect.  Here are some of the projects we made.  














The little box was filled with square chocolates of course, and the tutorial for it can be found HERE, on Shelley Hopps blog.   Amy Fleming has made one of these, and kindly provided the link to the tutorial - Thanks Amy!  There was one more project we made, but I'm saving it 'til another day, as it is a surprise for some lovely women.  Well, I still have no children or husband home, and it's absolute bliss.  The boys have all been gone since yesterday, and DH headed out early this morning, and is picking up children on his way home.   I guess I'll just have to go and eat some left over chocolate!   Hmmmm.   Big day - looking forward to chillin' out real soon!

Have a great night


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Thanks Michelle for linking up with me your gifts look awesome!!!!