Saturday, December 20, 2008

January Calendar Page. 11 to go...





I've got ONE done, ok??!  LOVE this photo of Mason playing cricket out at the beach last year.  We all play lots & lots of cricket out there, and usually someone ends up storming off in a tantrum about being caught out, or unfair bowling - I'll TRY not to do it this year!  I'm still hoping to at least do half of this calendar to take up to my Grandmother for Christmas when we leave early Tuesday morning (aka middle of Monday night).  I thought if I do half of the pages, then I can post her up the next month's page one at a time, giving her a nice surprise each month in the post, and me a little more time to complete it!  I'm just a hopeless procrastinator.  I have decided that I work best under pressure, and I need to accept that, and not moan about it.  I'll be having classes to make these fabulous calendars early next year - start early and get organised for YOUR Christmas gifts next year!

I'm off for a game of squash now - try and run off some of the Christmas goodies that I'll no doubt be consuming over the next week.  Or two.

Have a great day



stampingmommy said...

This looks like a fabulous gift! I am sure your grandmother will love anything with pictures of the kids!
Heather (SBS)

Louise, that's me!! said...

Looks great Michelle... cool picture.