Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Stamp Club Projects

Stamp Club May 009Stamp Club May 004

These were the sweetest little projects today - at least I really enjoyed making them.  I know some of you ladies found them a little fiddly, but at the end, they really are very cool!  The first is a (badly photographed) card shown from the front, then the inside.  It's really easy, and super cute.  Stamp set is the lovely Garden Whimsy.

Stamp Club May 003The next project is a gift/candy holder using the So Swirly Wheel, and Baroque Motifs.  This is a case from a blog I've seen recently, and as soon as I find it, I'll post the link to the original (which incidentally looks exactly like mine! LOL)  And the final project is an acetate candy box - my favourite item.   Using (again) the So Swirly Wheel, and the wonderful scallop punch, as well as Circle of Friendship.   This box was possibly filled with something like brightly coloured M&M's at one stage today, but my self-control left me, and I ate the lot of them, so had to find something real quick to replace them with so I could fill it up for a photo.  All I could find was some stinkin' Milk Bottles (which I don't really like, which is why there are still some of those in my cupboard!)  Doesn't quite look as good, but you get the idea!   If you would like the template for this box, then you'll have to leave me a comment.  Hope you day's been great - I'm so tired, and am heading to bed before my DH even gets home! 

Night all.

   Stamp Club May 012


Anonymous said...

wow i love your latest creations and especially the milk bottle box (i don't like them much either) but would love the template. the garden whismy card is also super, shame, i changed my order.. looking forward to having the other punches so i can try the spotlighting technique and having my first wheels!(shame i ordered small wheel, so swirly is nice!) you are just so very impressive!
i can't believe you put 'spidie' on the blog AND next to such a nice card by cherie.. at least mason had a great birthday, so true it's the thought that counts..rock on watercolour class.
can't believe i'm not going to a class - scrapbooking, will be strange missing out!

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle.
I would love the acetate box pattern some time. It looks great.
Would also like to make the card with the tulip. I love checking out your blog. You have some great ideas.

Latisha said...

That red card is it can count for the getting punchy challenge lol

Michelle said...

Thanks Latisha! How's that - I'm actually going to have a challenge posted EARLY for SBS!! Amazing.

Whimsey said...

Beautiful creations; love them all!

Michele, SBS10

Sue's Stampin' Designs said...

Hi Michelle, I have just stumbled on your blog and I would love the t3mplate to make the box with the milk bottles in it (even if you don't like them) :P I still love the box! TFS