Saturday, May 17, 2008

This was ME!!

You HAVE to check out Amy Rysavy's blog ( for a pictue of ME, posted on 12th May 2008!   Amy's blog is one I check out all the time.  She's just a fabulous stamper, and has a gorgeous style, but this card in particular is ME!!  On Thursday I went shopping - 50% off footwear shopping!   I came away from the shop with two pairs of boots, and the hugest grin!   Happy Mother's Day to ME.  That's what I told DH anyway (Mr "don't worry about a card for Mother's Day!").  Anyway - I forgave him on Thursday when I  bought my own present - and I spent way more than he would have normally as well!  I guess he DID make me a really nice breakfast as well! Anyway, make sure you check out Amy's blog.  


I'll be putting out my June (how can it possibly be nearly June already?) classes tomorrow night, so keep your eyes posted.  If you do NOT receive them via email - LET ME KNOW!   I'm gearing up for another Mid Winter Christmas Workshop, which we had to run three times last year, because it was just so popular!   Don't miss it - dates WILL be out tomorrow.   

Have a great night - I'll be trying to sort through the mountain of paperwork in my office tonight, so I can concentrate on being creative tomorrow!  Ha!

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Joyful said...

i check amy's blog regularly, too!! love her work. and i love shoes too!