Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Guess who's giving away blog candy??

While cruising around other blogs, looking for inspiration for my Christmas Class THIS WEEKEND, I found Renee's blog, and discovered that she is giving away Blog Candy - simply check out her blog, leave her a comment, and you are in the draw.  Cool huh??  Go check her out HERE

Sorry, I've been waaaay to busy getting ready for my classes this weekend to be doing much to show you - I'll have lots to show you next week though - once this rush is over!  OK, so I might just give you a little peep at one of the cards..

 Christmas Peep 001

I know - the colours suck, but that's what you get at  this time of night.  Been a very long day - went to my first appointment this morning at 10.00am, but then found out that it was at 1pm, and I'd forgotten!!!  Duh!  So that sort of threw me for the morning.   So I popped into a friend's house down the road for a surprise visit.  Surprise indeed - poor Megan and all her family, except Eloise, were ill.  Here I was popping in for an unannounced visit for coffee, and these poor guys were all sick.  Shame - I really really wish that you guys all get better soon.   We missed you today Megan!    I muddled around for a couple of hours to fill in the time, then went out to my appointment, which was loads of fun (thanks Helen!), collected kids from school, then went to miniball.  At miniball, I saw that Mason was a bit wheezy, and taking quite a few big breaths, but he looked fine, and got around the court just fine.  Decided to go to the supermarket and pick up something easy for dinner (two beautiful roast chickens, and all the roast vegetables AND gravy - YUM!!).  In the carpark, as I packed the groceries into the car, Mason suddenly started crying, and gasping.  Oh NO!!  Poor kid was having a mild asthma attack, and was panicking.   Stink - I threw everything (including the lovely hot roast) into the boot, and raced towards home.  On the way, I of course hit 5.00 traffic, and everything seemed painfully slow, so I decided to go into the emergency clinic to get something to help him right away.  That would be right away after the receptionist has found us on her data base, and while the nurse then decides to take a history, and then while we wait for the Doctor to see us for 30 seconds and confirm what we had told them - that he was having an asthma attack, and needed a nebuliser.  MAN!!   Very frustrating.  I'm not good at watching my kids cry and puff while trying to breath, but I seemed to be the only one who was struggling with that!    Anyway, now that I've got that off my chest, we had the neb, and were sent home with a "he's ok now" (the most words that the Dr actually said all-together).   Nothing like a lovely bedside manner huh??   My dear little Riley said to me while Mason was waiting with his neb "Mum, do only brownies get asthma?"   I answered "No Riley - anyone can get asthma", and he said "Even Whiteys??"  He is sooo funny - he thinks that Mason & Blake are "brownies", and me and him are "whiteys", just because his skin is paler than his brothers.    I'm sure my MIL would be shocked if she heard him talking about himself as a whitey!  He's more Maori than the rest of us are - eats Kina straight from the shell at the seashore, loves snapper for breakfast, and LOVES whitebait!   Well, long story nearly finished - we did manage to eat the beautiful roast dinner - even convinced my DH that I had made it, not bought it, just by taking it out of the packaging! LOL.   Everyone else asleep now, and hoping that all will be well again tomorrow.  There's a storm outside, with lightning, thunder & rain.  Lovely to be inside.

Hope you are warm & dry - enjoy your night.



Trudi said...

Shame you can't just have an oxygen bottle and nebs at home, just in case - once you've delt with Asthma a few times you'd be better at it than the doctors - and probly less stress involved. Hope the boys have a good nite sleep. Catch you later.

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