Thursday, June 26, 2008

I've been tagged - by a celebrity!!

Oh, so maaaaybe she isn't ACTUALLY famous, but she seems famous to me - I stalk her blog, and she tagged ME!  How cool!   Thanks FRAN for tagging me - I LOVE games.  Actually, I'm really really competitive a quiet conservative game player - pretty much don't care if I win or lose!  yeah RIGHT - ask my BIL!

Ok, here's 7 random facts about me....

1.    I went on a honeymoon cruise 16 1/2 years ago, and ended up getting a cabin with TWIN BUNKS!!  Fun. Not! Actually, the NOT fun part was the seasickness we both got - ended up wasting 3 days not being able to get out of bed - and NOT for the usual reasons you stay in bed all day on your honeymoon - we were SICK AS!

2.    In my previous life (did I actually HAVE a life before children??!) I was a Travel Agent, and got to go on heaps of cool trips overseas.  I met two of my still best friends working in my first Travel Agency.

3.   The two best friends (that I mention in the above fact) and I ended up all getting pregnant with our first babies and due within TWO WEEKS of each other - even though we hadn't see each other for ages - how bizarre is that??

4.   I hate quiet.  Yep - I feel claustrophobic and panicky if I'm at home and there is no other noise.  I love having the radio on all the time, and at the moment I'm listening to music through my PC from Alyssa's blog, as well as I have the radio on in the lounge with another station. 

5.  I HATE having the t.v and the radio on at the same time - drives me INSANE.  Nuts huh??

6.  I've broken two bones in my life - an arm fracture when I fell off my horse, when she tried to jump a bull (yep, a BIG bull) that was blocking the path we were galloping along.  I landed ON the bull, then the thistle bush.  My mother took me for an x-ray, but the Dr said I was fine, so went to school for 3 days with a fractured arm!  Ha!   The second time I broke my little toe by walking into the corner of the dresser at my Mum's house.  It looked dislocated, and the lovely young Dr presumed it was, so tried to relocate (??) it by yanking on it, making me cry, and my Mother said "Now look what you've done - you've made her cry!" (I was about 23 years old!) -  I can still hear her saying that.  Sooo funny - Now. The Dr then asked if we could x-ray it, and when he saw it was broken, he asked if I was going to sue him.  Should have!

7.   And number 7 - since we have been married, we have lived in  8 different houses (as well as living with Mum & Dad once while waiting for our house to be ready).  I LOVE packing up a house - as long as the kids aren't with me, and in fact my sister, 'cos she makes me throw out all sort of useful things!!  Hi Sharlene!

Ok, here's the 7 RANDOM people I'm tagging....  Hope you can all play!








That's all folks! 

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Tamara Jensen said...

I received an awesome RAK today and I thank you sooo much for thinking of me. You have made my day you wonderful caring person and I LOVE you for it. Thanks Michelle for being just who you are. God Bless. Tamara