Thursday, June 19, 2008


Thanks to my wonderful proof-readers, Kim & Helen 8-) 
Slight changes to the dates for all classes.   OK, so everyone is allowed to have a senior moment every now and again, and I just happened to have mine all at the same time, making mistakes & double booking for every class date!    Lucky for me, someone else knows my life better than me, and has let me know.  Thank you so much...
Have a great day - I've had a fab one, cuddling lots of children, from a 6lb, 6week old twin boy (just delightful!) to a 5 month old boy (so very very sweet) to a one year old little doll.   WOW  Lucky me.  I'm now off to put the pork in the oven for my parents for dinner tonight (here's hoping I don't burn it like last time - even my DH wouldn't eat the last roast I made), then out for a fantastic evening with The Jewel Company tonight, where I get to get all glammed up and play ladies for a change.  Really looking forward to it. 


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