Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Muuuum... Did you...

Don't you love the way kids ask you questions?   This morning, we were talking about what year the boys were born.  Riley (6yrs) said :

"Muuum, Mason was born after me, 'cos his birthday is in May, but he's older than me". 

Me : "Yes Riley.  Mason was born in May, and you were born in February, but you were born in different years"

Mason (8yrs) : "Yeah Riley - I was born in 2000, and you were born in 2002.  And Blake was born in 19....   Mum, what year was Blake born again?"

Riley : "The 19th Century!   Aahhhhhh hhaaaaa haaa"

Me : "Blake was born in 1998"

Mason : "1998.  WOW.  Mum, did you even have electricity in 1998?"

Riley : "Or playstations?   Or SUV's?

Me : "What's an SUV??"  (and how does my six year old know more than  me already??)

What a laugh - makes you feel really really old when your kids think 1998 was when the dinosaurs roamed the earth!

Well, back to the cards now - thought I'd better post the full card that I gave you a sneak peek at last week.

3D Class 006 

Here it is closed...








3D Class 009 



And half open... 

See how the butterfly is sliding across?










3D Class 007And fully open. 









This card is fantastic - such a cool idea.  It's called a Peek-A-Boo card, and is NOT difficult - once you get your head around the instructions.  Probably a card that is best made in a class (unless you are one of those really clever people who can understand instructions! - NOT me!)   Anyway, HERE is where I found the most fantastic tutorial, over on Michelle Ide's blog.  Thanks for the fantastic easy instructions.  I just changed the square punches to circles, but other than that - everything is pretty much the same.   Have a go!

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Latisha said...

I think you did a great job with the peek-a-boo card glad to hear that its not hard to make, I will have to give it a try.