Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just for fun

Yes, sometimes I do make cards "just for fun" - I've been inspired by TRUDI who is working through her favourites that she has saved, and actually MAKING some of them - I'm shocking!   I save so many cards that I just LOVE, but don't usually get around to making them, so this was one of those.  A super simple card that I still think needs 'something' in the space at the top, but just kinda going to leave it as is now - unless you have any ideas for what I can do??

Oh So Lovely 001

Just beyond the deck that is outside the window are about 10 ducks, who seem to be one of the few who are really enjoying the weather!   You know that I love the rain, but when it's coooold as well, then I don't love it.  I really need to move somewhere lovely and warm, like Greece!  There's a thought!  Hope you have a fantastic day.

Don't forget - any of you who are coming along on Saturday or Sunday to my Christmas Classes, please let me know if you are intending on bringing along your favourite Christmas Plate (of food!) so I can put you in the draw for the inkpad.  Sarah - looking forward to tasting some of your goodies!!


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