Monday, November 24, 2008

As promised...

Here it is - the second post for today that I promised you!  Nearly didn't make it, due to a minor crisis at our house, in the front yard, involving six (now 5) ducklings, and a mother duck who was leaving half of her very little babies behind when she decided to go off wandering.  Our boys took this on as their mission, and caught three of the wayward ducklings that were a long way from their mother, and managed to reunite them, but unfortunately, one of the little ducklings was found very close to dead under a hedge.  Don't know what happened, or how long he/she had been there, but young Mason found it very hard to hold this little duck while it died.  Shame - cute little thing it was.  So now, the dead duckling has been relegated to NEWS in class tomorrow.  So much better when you have props to share with a story!  Anyway - here's the card I meant to share.


This was the card that didn't make it onto the table to make at the Mini Catalogue Launch in the weekend.  Not quite sure why, but I went with "simple" instead.  Love this set - Embrace Life.  It is just lovely - will be available from Monday for you to purchase - YES, Monday is 1st December, can you believe that???

Have a fabulous night - I'm just settling down to watch Private Practice, my FAVOURITE programme.  I've had my last night with the WITT girls tonight, which was really great - such a lovely bunch of women!

The rain is pouring down, so a fabulous night to watch some t.v, then drift off to sleep with the rain pouring down around me.  LOVE IT!


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Nancy said...

Have just had a browse of the new mini cattie and I have earmarked Embrace Life as the must-have stamp set. You have made a lovely card using it.