Monday, November 10, 2008

Just to let you know...

Hey there - just a pre-warning for you all - I won't be blogging this week, because I'm off to Waiuku to visit lovely ANGELA and her team of demonstrators up there.   I'm soooo looking forward to it, and today I am spending the day getting myself organised for everything, including my WITT class  tonight, and the Inglewood High School class on Thursday night, just hours after I intend to be getting home.   LOL - WHY DO I LEAVE EVERYTHING TO THE LAST MINUTE??   No, really - WHY??   OK, so I HAVE been really busy and we have just had our School Gala Day in the weekend which was just awesome, and a squash tournament plus all the usual things.  Days seem to get busier and busier.  SO, 3 days away stamping with my friend, and spending some time travelling with my Mum who has kindly offered to go with me for company, will be fabulous.      So don't worry about my lack of blogging, I'm just letting you all know that I won't be here!   DH is working short days to take care of the children, which is just great.  Makes it so much easier.   Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend - the weather here has just been amazing.  I hope to have some great things to post once I get back from Waiuku.

Take care.



Anonymous said...

Wow Michelle! Ive just been stealing some of my housework time to sneak a peek at your blog site! (2 hours later!) I am VERY impressed and dare I say it VERY inspired...not good when its soo late already!! How do you expect me to sleep now with all the ideas running throughout my head!!! Its been great to reconnect...and I have enjoyed immensely reading your blog sites and catching up with parts of your life...after what seems like FOREVER! Anyway, must your time away has been total fun and inspirational! Good on you! See ya Janice :o)


Hi michelle i enjoy looking at your blog!! Hey i left you a surprise on my blog go check it out :)