Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hostess Gift for tonight

Hi again - here is the gift I am making as a demonstration for my lovely Hostess tonight, Helen.  Of course, it will be filled with goodies as well.  I'm only going to buy the goodies on the way to the workshop tonight, otherwise the chances of there being enough left to fill the bag are slim, if past experience is anything to go by!!  LOL.  AND, check out the clean windows in this picture - I CLEANED WINDOWS yesterday.   This is just a little unusual for me, but I also ran home from school, dragging the dog, and then washed the dog, the windows and went on to do laundry.   I'm sure DH hasn't noticed any of the above, but I do, and it's fabulous!  Obviously I was having some sort of turn yesterday, because today I'm back to NOT running, or cleaning windows, that's for sure.   Oh well - make hay while the sun shines huh?   Enjoy the box in the bag.  HEREPB040020 is the link to the tutorial done by Diana Gibbs in case you would like to make one yourself.
















Have a great night.



kareNstampZ said...

wow that paper works really well with the project - no need for a scalloped bottom

Creative AddINKtion said...

Thank you for adding me to your blog, how very thoughtful of you, love the box in the bag project, love your work!!!!!

Trudi said...

Hey Michelle - so funny reading your post, I've just finished a box for one of the girls at work - now I have to buy some more chocolate cause I'm finishing the last one now! Hope you're having a good week.