Friday, November 28, 2008

I'm NOT slacking - PROMISE!

That's right - even though you see that I haven't blogged since Monday (can't believe it's already FRIDAY), I've not been slacking - just really flat out busy with classes, and having some relations to stay for a night,  and getting ready for my LAST TWO CLASSES for the year, and another special little project that you will learn about a little later.  Oh, AND spending 3 1/2 hours having my nails done.  Yes, I KNOW!   They look, well, different from my usual nails.  Way to pretty to look like they belong on my crinkly old hands!  LOL.  Awesome week, but now I'm really really looking forward to a wonderful weekend with my DH out at a beach - just the two of us.  And the dog.  NOT the children (even tho my darling mother (HI MUM!) did suggest that we might like to have them come and visit - NOT).  It's our wedding anniversary next weekend, but we're busy then, so we are going out to have some time out together, and our lovely Mother's are having our boys.  Can't wait.   This is a tilt card that we made last night at Inglewood High.  The fish tilts backwards & forwards.  Very sweet card.   No time to post anything else right now - on with the next project!   Have a fabulous weekend.







Whimsey said...

Too cute; LOVE the colors!

~Michele, SBS10

stampingmommy said...

This is toooo cute! Looks like rainbow fish - my kids would love this little guy!