Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oval Punch meets Dazzling Diamonds

Good morning!

I'm back from my weekend away in Waiuku, and had a fabulous time with the great team of women up there.  Thought I'd better post something just to let you know I'm still here!   This is a case of a card done by Louise Ryan, and I just LOVE it.  I must admit - adding the dazzling diamonds to all those ovals is a little time consuming and fiddly, but I do think the end result is totally worth it!



Here's how to do it :

Petals : Punch 10 small ovals out of coloured card (I used Purely Pomegranate) and then punch a large oval directly over the hole created.  If you punch them off centered so one edge is a little wider than the other then the petals look more authentic!   Then punch two more ovals as above out of green card (I used always artichoke) for leaves.

Glue 5 petals on vellum (I used card, not paper vellum)  in a flower shape (overlapping the middle).   Make two of these flowers, then glue the two green ovals onto the vellum for leaves.  Cut out each flower and the leaves, and apply 2-way glue pen to the ovals, without getting any glue on the vellum.  Sprinkle over Dazzling Diamonds Glitter and tap off excess.    Layer the flowers and the petals as desired, and then punch out a 3/4" circle and dazzle that up as well.  Attach this in the middle to hide all the overlapping bits.




Janine Rutherford said...

What a lovely card - I love those petals and might just have to buy those punches so i can make some too.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Michelle!