Saturday, March 21, 2009

A peep at the new in colours & PAY IT FORWARD

A little time this afternoon to just play - with my new in colour cardstock & inks.  LOVE them.  I even made markers with all the in colours (something I meant to get around to last year, but never quite did).  If you don't know how, leave me a message 'cos it's VERY cool to have in colour markers to use on your stamps.   YOU SIMPLY HAVE to come along to the catalogue launch party on the 8th of April and see how very cool the new catalogue is, and hopefully win the gift basket of goodies from the new catalogue.  I did a wish list this afternoon - OUCH!  LOTS of things I absolutely LOVE, so lucky for me we get such a good discount as a demonstrator!   If your wish list tends to get a little out of hand as well, then talk to me about just HOW good a discount you get on your orders - you don't have to do classes or workshops if you just want to place your own orders and some for your friends that's all good as well.  Let me give you a hint... how's 30% off your FIRST order, then a minimum of 20% off each order after.   Of course, there's a little fine print, but I promise you, we are very well looked after. 

Here's a little peep at the card I posted over on Lindsey's blog today.  I've got another couple of days blogging for Lindsey while she is away at her Retreat, and it's been fun - good to keep motivated that's for sure!


Now - I played along with a Pay It Forward that was on Wanda's blog TWO WEEKS AGO {{SHAME}} and have finally got around to posting it on mine.  It's such a fun thing to do (and get).  Here's how it works - the first five people who respond to this post, will receive a handmade surprise from me! The catch is that you have to pay it forward, post this on your blog, and send out five handmade surprises of your own. What a fun way to spread some Autumn good cheer!
Now - I'm going to limit this to NZ only players (sorry overseas ladies!), so go ahead, and leave me a comment.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend - my DH is out with our eldest son shooting possums (YUCK) and I have been feeling a little "off" today - played a terrible game of squash where I might as well have been playing in gumboots for all the running I did, then came home and sat out in the sun to read a book, and fell asleep. Woke up feeling odd, and think I've got an ear infection judging by my deaf ear & sore neck & head.  Sent the others off to my sister-in-law's birthday dinner and now I'm going to watch Mama Mia by myself before a relatively early night.   Hope I last through the movie - tend to fall asleep when I'm not doing something in front of the t.v, so might mount some stamps or something! 

ANYWAY - enjoy YOUR evening.



Keryn Campbell said...

Oh Michelle I hope your feel better soon. I'd love to receive something handmade by your talented self.

Jacqui J Creative Today said...

Oh dear, I hope you are not coming down with the flu, a lot of people I know have it already!!!!!!
I'm frantically selling dvds and craft stuff on trademe, trying the get some money together for the new catalogue!!! Had a BIG sort out today.. had to be tough and let things go... Made room for my new sets already, just need some $$ now! Take care.


Michelle have enjoyed visiting your blog you have made some really great stuff!! Thanks also for your comments on my blog!!

yogibear said...

Hi Michelle, I just love your blog, I love your creative flair (where can I get some), Hthanks so much for all the great comments that you have left on by blog, its people like you that help people like me do better. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I'd love something made by you :). I'll add you to my list too seeing as it is basically the same idea :)

Anonymous said...

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