Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Well done everyone!

WOW - You sure are getting good at answering these questions... Don't forget - you don't have to answer all of the questions each day, but the more you answer, the more entries you get into my draw!

Today's UStamp Question is ...

You can get a FREE UStamp Pass by introducing some "new to UStamp" friends.  How many friends need to use your name to earn you a FREE UStamp Pass to the next event?

And seeing as yesterday I forgot to put on a Super UStamp special (that is available to ANYONE, not just UStamp members!) here's a great one for today ...

Purchase two ink pads, and receive a re-inker of your choice for FREE!    

I'm putting in an order tonight, so make sure you email your order through to be before 9pm if you want to take advantage of this (or any of my other) UStamp Super Specials.

NOW, look at this!!!  I was delight & mortified yesterday when I opened my mailbox to find a parcel all the way from Canada!  Delighted, because this adorable gift set is just so gorgeous, and mortified, because I realised that I had taken part in a UStamp Secret Sister Swap that I hadn't done yet!   Oooooh!   So THANK YOU to Michelle Hanway for this gorgeous package - yours is IN THE MAIL TODAY!  



I'd better get a hurry on - boys need to get to school, and I have Stamp Club starting in just over an hour!

Have a fabulous day.


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Julie B said...

Hi Michelle, Five friends are needed.