Monday, April 20, 2009


Whew – sorry about the absence – I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders, as today I’ve finished what has been a marathon preparation few days for me.  I’ve just finished my very first video tutorial (I’m kinda hoping that I’ll get better with the focusing as time goes on… and that it will only take me ONE day, rather than THREE to do a 7 minute video!) for UStamp, which starts on Friday, plus another tutorial for UStamp in PDF format.   AND tonight, I’ve just completed my sample card for Stampin’ Up! Convention which is in 10 more sleeps – YIPPEE!!  I can’t WAIT!   SO, I have been super-busy, with school holidays and all, and fitting in a few days out at the bach (where the boys caught a lovely lot of eels – YUCK) and buying a new car for me .. it’s SOOO cute… which we pick up tomorrow… and, well, you get the gist, so my blogging has just had to wait while I got all this other STUFF done.   what a fabulous feeling now though – I feel like I could stamp all night now, which I kind of have been doing over the past couple of nights!  Whoops!!  Don’t tell my DH, as he’s fast asleep by the time I sneak into bed at the moment.  Poor neglected baby!   So, what have I got to show you… hmmm.  Pretty much nothing I can show you right at the moment.  Ummmm… surely something… nope.  Nothing.  Sad huh?   So, I’d better get on with making something fabulous to WOW you with tomorrow.  Just wanted to tell you that I’m not ignoring you all – and “I’ll be back”!

Oooh  Oooh Oooh – I’ve found something!!! YAY!  This is kind of a sneak peek at my UStamp project, but I wont even tell you what it is, and you’ll never guess, so I think that’s ok. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Do you see this gorgeous little mat in Basic Gray that I made?   I’m preparing myself mentally to have another go at making a video tutorial, so if you would like me to do one showing you how you can easily make this, then let me know.    10 comments means I’ll do it – any  less than 10 and I think I’ll just have another little cup of coffee instead!!   CAN YOU TELL I’M SLEEP DEPRIVED???

Have a fabulous night



KarenR said...

Lovely mat - lucky you mine is still on back order - any day soon I hope. Love the colours too.

Lisa said...

I wondered where you had got to :) I'd also love to see the tutorial, it will save me fiddling to do the same thing LOL
I've had a week like that too - team meeting tonight, kids class tomorrow and then I can breathe a half sigh of relief, only half, because I've still got to finish my swaps!

Nice to see you back :)

Keryn Campbell said...

I'd love to see a tutorial.

I'm away at our beach house atm. A much needed change of four walls for kids and parents, both.