Saturday, January 5, 2008

Before There Was You...

Oh boy, I'm on a roll tonight. Possibly the fastest scrapbook page I've ever done, and I'm really pleased with it. Simple, but effective I think. Needless to say, the completion of organising my office is put onto tomorrow's list!

The writing is a little hard to see, but it reads:
"We slept more,
We ate out at restaurants more,
The house was emptier, and tidier.
We took less photos,
Our dog was our 'baby'
Our hearts were not as full."

I used some really ugly red (with gold stars on them) chipboard letters that I can't remember why I bought, and covered them with versamark, then used white embossing powder, heated, and ta-da! Some beautiful new shiny white chipboard letters. Then I used rub-ons to put the rest of the words on the page.

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