Thursday, January 31, 2008

What a fantastic week!

 Good morning everyone - I hope you've all had as great a week as I've had!   The last week of school holidays.  That makes it great for a start...  no, just kidding!   Our holidays have actually been pretty fantastic as well.  Very relaxed, and the weather has just been perfect, so that makes it so easy for the kids to play & swim.  Last night I went to my very FIRST Stampin' Up! Workshop that I didn't run.  Yep!!  It was just so great!   Cherie (hi Cherie -hope you weren't too excited to sleep) took her first workshop, and she was just amazing!  I'm so inspired by how organised she is, and how calmly she dealt with everything on the day & night.   Cherie held her adorable nearly 1 year old while she welcomed us all, and gave us the run-down on specials etc.  Talk about multi-tasking!  Cherie - thank you so much for inviting me, and for the wonderful job you did with your cards.  I'm impressed! 

I thought I would share with you the cards we made last night - hope you don't mind Cherie, 'cos I think they deserve to be shown off!

Cherie's cards 001     Cherie's cards 005   Cherie's cards 006  Cherie's cards 008


The little box was sooo cute - it's a peek-a-boo box, and I just put some pebbles into it to show what you could do.  Cherie, of course, gave it to us empty.  It would have been nice to have had maybe THREE little Hershey's kisses in it Cherie! Ok, so there were THREE TWO Hershey's kisses in it (Cherie's DH ate my third one, I'm sure...) but I did kinda eat them before I got home, just to make sure that none of my kids found & ate them before I could!    The third card (Cherie's were AMAZING - mine is a bit muddy looking, but hey, there's lots of room for improvement huh?) was using the direct to card technique (?? Hope that's what it's called - I was too busy eating chocolate to pay attention when Cherie told us!)  and the last is a library packet (?? Again, think it was something to do with library's) which is just so sweet - Cherie heard someone talking (yes Tamara, I said TALKING, not WHINGING like Cherie said!) bout the dazzling diamonds coming off her card into her handbag last time they were at my place making some cards, so Cherie made this little packet for us to put our cards into to take home!  Isn't that just sooo kind of her?? 

Anyway - this is a big post today, and I've promised myself (and Jacqui) that I would post my classes yesterday, so just pretend we live in the US, and today is still Wednesday, so I'll be on time to meet my self-imposed deadline to have my classes posted by Wednesday!  Ha!   OK, you're right - I have had some of the pebbles with my coffee (I could hear you all wondering) and I may be bouncing off the walls a little, hence all the jibber jabber!

So much more I want to tell you - like my other wonderful (actually, they're ALL wonderful) new downline who ran her first workshop, and just amazes me as well with her creativity and fantastic organisation!   And her gorjus new puppy!

Helen - WELL DONE!   I'm delighted with your enthusiasm, and even more so that it rubs off on me when I've spent time with you!

A big ((((HUG)))) to all of the M&M's!  I don't know how you can all be so nice & talented - AND all in my team!!  Lucky me!  Can you see that the chocolate is wearing off quickly - as I'm getting all sentimental!!  

Enough!  Will post classes REAL SOON!

Enjoy your breakfast!   OOPS!  Forgot to tell you why else this is such a fantastic week - GREY'S ANATOMY STARTS ON SUNDAY!!

Woooohoooo!  McDreamy!!!!!    8-))



Latisha said...

I LOVE grey's it!!! McDreamy and McSteamy...ahh great eye candy >"< its such a good show.

Michelle said...

Oooh, you are so right!! I have my own version right here at home - McHusband!! He's not bad on the eye either, but nothing like dreaming huh??