Monday, January 7, 2008


Good evening everyone - yes, I've had a successful day scrappin with my sister, followed by a fantastic meal my BIL made, and a ton of almond something-or-other cookies, that I personally helped to demolish at least half of!   Glad I went to the gym this morning, at least that cancels out one of the cookies!

Here's two of the pages I've finished.  I've got another one close to finished, but I'm STUCK!  Hoping that I will get a revelation overnight and tomorrow will finish it and post it then.  Hmmm.  We'll see!   Think it will have to wait until tomorrow, because I'm getting more than a little ticked off at the wretched little fly that comes to visit me here in my office every night that I work in here.  It buzzes past my face, which causes me to wave my arm wildly in front of me, then it dive-bombs my hair, which once again causes the wild arm waving.   Then after several repeats of this little dance, that probably makes me look to the neighbours like I'm having an fit,  I will wait for the little rotter to land somewhere, which he does.  Eventually.  Then I'll roll up whatever junk mail I have sitting around, and clobber the brute, repeatedly.  After which he flies off again, magically being resurrected after my repeated bashing. 

I will then return to my typing, or card making, and we have a little truce for a while.  Until now, when I'm over the dancing, waving, bashing little episode, and am just going to bed, where I'm sure he will sit on the wall and watch until I'm asleep, then start his little game with me all over again, bombing me as I dream.   Oh to be a fly on the wall huh?!

GGGGrrrrr. I've just been into our room to take photos of my scrapbook pages to load only to hear a tick, tick, tick sound, and there's the hugest flying animal I've ever seen smashing itself into my light.  OK, so maybe, it's kind of just a huge moth, but really - what's with these guys tonight???

No Trainer Wheels you.


Yes, I know.  The photos are just a little blurry - due to me having to take the photos with one hand waving over my head while I keep the flying mammals off me!

Have a good night!


Lisa said...

Those pages look great! Reminds me that I have some good photos somewhere of our youngest losing her training wheels ... I might have to dig them out - thanks for the inspiration :)

Trudi said...

Awesome page of Blake, love how your words curve with the circles. Thanks for the biscuits. Good luck with your other page.

Stamping Seasons said...

Thanks for the good laugh Michelle.. I think that I may have the cousin to that fly down here!!!

Michelle said...

Hoooray!!!! Thank you sooo much for all your comments - THREE comments have just made my day. I did wonder if anyone APART from my wonderful friend Trudi ever read my blog without me having to pay or bribe them to! Glad you all enjoyed it. Have the fly spray handy for tonight, as MM is at work, and I want a good long night stampin!