Sunday, January 6, 2008

Large Card Tote

Large Card tote 001 Large Card tote 002


Hi there!

I have had a fantastic day - a bike ride with my (reluctant at first) eldest son, then the afternoon cruising blogs.

I have found so many cool ideas, and have been so inspired by what I have seen.  Here is the first attempt at a large card tote - a very simple pattern, and it will fit in about 10 cards plus envelopes, so something I might do for a swap at some stage.  I'm looking at doing another class for boxes, as the last one I really enjoyed (hopefully you all did to) and have found so many more boxes we can make to decorate and give away.

The DP on this box is, of course, au chocolat, from the Summer Mini.  Have I told you how much I love this paper???

Will continue to play now - just wanted to try the new programme that wonderful TRUDI has loaded for me this afternoon while her (20 month old) daughter chatted up my 9 year old!!  Thanks Trudi!!

Hope you enjoy the much neater layout - I hope this will inspire me to post more pictures now I can get them to look nice.

Have a great night


p.s am supposed to be scrapbooking with my sister tomorrow afternoon, so keep an eye out for some more scrappin pics.

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